Thursday, July 14, 2011

beads of water floating on water.

these are not air bubbles. they're water beads floating/sliding around on water surface.

I used a nosehair trimmer(i lost the blade) and turned it on and put the spinning peg against a 591ml bottle of pop (except half-filled with water).
The turning peg vibrates the whole bottle and creates a pulsating effect and drops of water would jump out from the sides and slide around on the water surface while remaining beads of water.

Not sure why the pulsating surface is keeping the drops of water from combining with the water below.

Accidentally discovered it once when i was watching Star-Trek on TV one time long time ago, when i would tap on a 2-litre pop bottle (half-filled with water) then when the TV went to commercials, i'd stop tapping the bottle and looked at the bottle and noticed drops of water shrinking in volume (losing their volume to combine with water below the surface) and I was like "wtf was that? and then i tapped again to repeat and drops would form from the side and slike around on the surface so long as i kept tapping at a constant frequency, the drops would maintain their volume and slide around and as i stop tapping they lose their volume at a rate that you can see the shrinking in size.

I ran into a youtube video that demonstrated the same thing with an actual equipment set up and adjustable frequency, and I was like "hey, i totally saw that with my own hand tapping" but this time i used a smaller bottle and a much faster pulsater (nose hair trimmer, i'd imagine it would probably work with an electric tooth brush as well - i meant battery operated toothbrush) but not sure why this time i don't see the drops losing their volume slowly, but very quickly (quicker than i can see), not sure if it's the frequency and surface area of water in a smaller bottle make it disappear quicker probably but i don't know enough about science to explain why those drops are sliding around when the water is pulsated).

What's weirder? is when some of these water beads combine when they touch long enough (maybe 1/2 - 1 second) and form a larger bead but they won't combine with lower water unless i stop the nosehair trimmer or move it away from touching the pop bottle.

What i am not sure about is if the pulsating waves are depositing water into the spheres/beads at the same rate as water that's combining with the lower water or if these are actual beads that are sliding around with their own surface tension that won't break so long as the waves/pulse remain active.

In any case, here's a video of that water on water action.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

plants (3d render)

lit by 4 lamps, 1 in the center with white, 1 Red 1Green and 1Blue around the white one, used the chrome cover to hide the light source although in reality we should see the light source but i don't know how to do a good light bulb yet. I kind'a like how the light shows it's spectrum on the pland leaf closest to viewer(bottom of screen). And there was messing around with subsurface scatering of the plant.

Monday, May 30, 2011


I was doing some terrain following a tutorial
but i messed up on some steps and ended up with an underwater terrain instead.
looks kind's nice, missing fishies.

(3D render, messed up on locking on Z when raising mountains and so the grid wasn't exactly retangular, so when texture paint was used as a stencil it didn't match up with the peaks, (this might be because i rotated it in Gimp too), but the mistake then made it look like light and shadows of a surface above that does not match with surface below and so it looks like underwater, so i decided to add mist to emphasize water and picked some aqua-ish world color, makes me want to model some fish now to go with it ;))

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


it was snooping around the minipond for some water at night, and i flashed it and this is all that the camera could see.

Bird house

Birds didn't move in until i added 3 bars of scrapwood for them to land on and look around first.

Since i added the 3 bars, it took about a week for some birds to land on check out the place.

Then it took less than
2 days to fill the place
with branches
and twigs.

All photos above were taken within a minute from about 2 to 3 meters range (didn't want to scare them away).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

3D renders

a goblet/chalice levitating above dark surface

 2 hands/gloves coming out of reflective wall

If i get really good, i'll make the hand hold the goblet.

model of a jeep (very simple jeep) with fakely painted rocket launcher,
at the very bottom of page jeep with lights, i can get the beam going by clicking halo on spot(light) but i still don't know how to get the actual lights to look bright like there's a light there, this was a good practice model.

 Fox (modeled 1/2 fox from nose to tail, used mirror modifier, then used amature/bones to pose it)

3 foxes (uvmaped)

Seawater  (I followed this tutorial)

 Tried the faked Global Illumination looks like isolated photography except for one major flaw..the transparent (glass like)monkey head I expected it to have light focusing on the surface so you get a bright effect like a magnifying glass and it's not coming out so the glass looking is only convincing up till you start looking at the shadow :(.