Monday, May 30, 2011


I was doing some terrain following a tutorial
but i messed up on some steps and ended up with an underwater terrain instead.
looks kind's nice, missing fishies.

(3D render, messed up on locking on Z when raising mountains and so the grid wasn't exactly retangular, so when texture paint was used as a stencil it didn't match up with the peaks, (this might be because i rotated it in Gimp too), but the mistake then made it look like light and shadows of a surface above that does not match with surface below and so it looks like underwater, so i decided to add mist to emphasize water and picked some aqua-ish world color, makes me want to model some fish now to go with it ;))

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


it was snooping around the minipond for some water at night, and i flashed it and this is all that the camera could see.

Bird house

Birds didn't move in until i added 3 bars of scrapwood for them to land on and look around first.

Since i added the 3 bars, it took about a week for some birds to land on check out the place.

Then it took less than
2 days to fill the place
with branches
and twigs.

All photos above were taken within a minute from about 2 to 3 meters range (didn't want to scare them away).

Sunday, May 15, 2011

3D renders

a goblet/chalice levitating above dark surface

 2 hands/gloves coming out of reflective wall

If i get really good, i'll make the hand hold the goblet.

model of a jeep (very simple jeep) with fakely painted rocket launcher,
at the very bottom of page jeep with lights, i can get the beam going by clicking halo on spot(light) but i still don't know how to get the actual lights to look bright like there's a light there, this was a good practice model.

 Fox (modeled 1/2 fox from nose to tail, used mirror modifier, then used amature/bones to pose it)

3 foxes (uvmaped)

Seawater  (I followed this tutorial)

 Tried the faked Global Illumination looks like isolated photography except for one major flaw..the transparent (glass like)monkey head I expected it to have light focusing on the surface so you get a bright effect like a magnifying glass and it's not coming out so the glass looking is only convincing up till you start looking at the shadow :(.