Monday, January 16, 2012

.obj file viewer

an .obj file viewer.

screen shot while viewing teapot.obj
teapot from
screen shot while viewing monkey.obj
Suzanne monkey from Blender.

screen shot while viewing cessna.obj
cessna.obj from

You can download 
Windows Executable Stand-alone below (1.1MB)

or Download viewer from Game Editor's forum to run inside Game-Editor

Usage instructions:
Left mouse button set SCALE to xmouse value.
Right mouse button set BZ (focal length I think) to xmouse value.
Click on filename and type a .obj file name and hit ENTER to load that .obj file.

If you have used the application, you can "like" the 3d-OBJ-file-viewer facebook page

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tetris Partner

title screen

Download the game from
                                         - background photos by Brandon Smith (

see more screenshots
see video preview of tetris partner

A Tetris-clone where 2 players can cooperatively play to destroy lines.
game play

Score keeps track of lines destroyed.
Drop-timer speeds up 10ms every time some lines are destroyed.
Controls are
 player 1: A,S,D keys to move the piece (W to rotate the piece clockwise and '2' key to rotate counter clockwise)
 player 2: arrow keys to move the piece (up key to rotate the piece clockwise and 'end' key to rotate counter clockwise)
game over

There is joypad/gamepad support (just have your  gamepad(s) plugged in and the game should read inputs from your gamepad(s)more details on the GameEditor download page).
You'll need to download the Game Editor, then open up Game Editor, click on File, click on Load then load the .ged file found on the download page then click on Game Mode.

- OR you can download:

Windows Executable Stand-alone below
Download the game from
                                         - music by DST(track name: GreenSky) (

                                         - photos by Brandon Smith (

 Once you've tried the game out, please leave a comment!