Monday, July 15, 2013

Money to spend on clean energy plans based on GDP.

Australia spends $2 billion (about 0.145 percent of their 2011 GDP) on The Greens' Connecting Clean Energy plan.
If other countries do plan to spend the same percentage of their GDP on such plans, here are the numbers that they/we can afford (numbers are based on 2011 GDP) (All countries below have a higher 2011 GDP than Australia)
Country0.145% of 2011 GDP (US Dollars)
United States$21.74 billion
China$10.45 billion
Japan$8.51 billion
Germany$5.22 billion
France$4.02 billion
Brazil$3.59 billion
United Kingdom$3.52 billion
Italy$3.18 billion
India$2.75 billion
Russia$2.69 billion
Canada$2.51 billion
All above countries(total)$68.18 billion

For every billion dollars, they/we can build about 9 of the PS20.