Friday, August 30, 2013

How to install flash 11 in linux (fedora)

  1. go download flash plugin here, select the ".tar.gz for other Linux"  version. Select open with archive manager and extract it to your desktop. You should now have a file sitting on your desktop.
  2. Then in firefox, in the address bar type "about:plugins" hit Enter, then look for Shockwave Flash and the path (remember this path for step 3).
  3. In a terminal,  login as root by typing "su", then enter root password. Go to the path found in step 2. and make a back up of the file, then copy the from your desktop (from step 1.) into that path. When ask to overwrite, answer 'y' (yes).
  4. Close firefox, restart firefox. Type "about:plugins" into the address bar and hit enter and confirm that the new plugins is listed (check version: under Shockwave Flash, it should say version: 11 and some other numbers separated by commas).
PS: I had to do this (upgrade to flash-plugin version 11) in order to play Angry Birds in facebook.
To go to the path found in step 2. type: cd /usr/lib/flash-plugin/
To make backup of the just type: cp libflashplayer.so_bk
 (I just named it _bk to stand for backup so if anything goes wrong i can always copy it back and have the old version of flash)
To copy new from desktop, just type cp /home/[your username]/Desktop/ .
and answer 'y' to the overwrite question, don't forget the replace the [your username] with your actual user name in the example above and don't forget the . (period at the end preceeded by a space).