Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Ngũ da bì" in English is Schefflera

"Ngũ da bì" or "Ngu da bi" in English is Schefflera.
"Ngũ da bì" hay "Ngu da bi" tiếng Anh là Schefflera.

Schefflera plant grows really easy, you can take a leaf or a branch and put it in a glass of water or a jar of water and it'll grow roots in the water.  You can keep it in water, it'll live.  Or you can then transfer it into a pot of dirt and it'll grow too.

Cây Ngũ Da Bì rất dễ trồng. Bạn chỉ cần lấy một nhánh nhỏ hoặc một lá cắm vào ly hay lọ nước là nó sẽ mọc rễ.  Bạn có thể tiếp tục trồng trong nước hoặc trồng vào chậu có đất, nó đều lên cả.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Listen to youtube has awesome statistics. will convert any youtube video to mp3 for you.
But you know what's awesome? Their statistics. See below:
ListenToYouTube statistics
because they don't show a number, they just show "LOTS". hahah that's funny.  What kind of number is that anyway? It doesn't matter it's "LOTS".

Friday, November 8, 2013

How often can you vote at

voting up or down at
I have timed how often you can vote at  And I think it's about 6 hours. So you can vote up to 4 times a day.

Now that you know how often you can vote, help me vote up my definitions at

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Does free advertising work?

Not from my experience. I've tried commenting on blogs and leaving a link. No one clicks on them plus way too many people do this(posting a link along with their comment) and it doesn't seem to work.
Google already is so good at indexing pages if your content is good someone will find it.
Free advertising sites don't seem to work because only people who want to advertise go there, the users (the people you want to reach) don't generally go there to browse so the users can't really see you.

You want to reach users.

A site like is good, since users go there to read interesting definitions.  What they don't do is allow you to have a link to your site as a contributor, surely after reading some interesting definitions, some users might click on the contributor name and if this was your site, you must be able to get some hits but what does is when you click on contributor name, instead it shows you all the definitions that that user has contributed (a good way to keep people on their site). is great because they don't even create their own content, it's all contributions from users so that's really good, the work of some users attract other users and so on...
What I want to allow is the ability for users to contribute interesting content (word definitions) that attract other users and in the process, some users will get free advertising out of it by having their website/blog link as contributor's name.
The idea here is that even though it's free advertising, in reality it's not free, since you do have to come up with an interesting word definition (that is the work you have to do) and hope that many people will like it.  The more people like your definition, the more likely people will click on your link as contributors name to go to your site/blog.
Once at your site, how long they spend there totally depends on your content.
So if you want to try this kind of advertisement or simply want to contribute a word definition, head over to
The idea here is that as Unurban dictionary grows by user's contributions, more users will attract other users and in the end, some traffic will be directed to your site based on how interesting/popular your word definitions are.
The site is new so there isn't a lot of traffic...yet.
But we're happy to share that if you search for "George Tabuki" we're the first or second result that comes back from Google.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Facebook page likes

If you ever created a facebook page, you can see number of people who likes your page as shown below.
facebook page likes shown.
you can then click on the "Likes" to see more details except what's annoying and frustrating is you can see the people who likes your page. All it shows is the below.
facebook shows this when you click on Likes
well, that's not very useful, is it?
What I really want to see is a list of people's names and pictures similar to friend's list but that's not what I am getting so I am completely blind to the people who likes my page. This sucks! Makes me think that they're not even real likes since i don't know who they are or if they exists at all.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Facebook created the "Like" button for a reason

In facebook, below the comments there's the "like" button (not really a button but you can click on it like a button).  Everyone knows this.  This isn't new.
facebook clickable "like" symbol
And you know what's really annoying, people commenting on a post saying pretty much the same thing everyone else says.  What's the point.  Come on, let's use the "like" button.  If you see a comment that says just about what you're about to comment just click the like.  So instead of seeing thousands of comments saying the same thing, we'll have 2 or 3 comments with many likes.  It means the same thing but it saves people from reading thousands of comments and this way comments get all read.  Plus if someone has something really interesting to say, people will get a chance to read it and like it instead of having thousands of comments where interesting comments get buried along with uninteresting comments and hard to find and hard to like.  So next time you comment, please read some comments and find the one that best matches what you're about to say and click the "like" button.  It just makes sense.
I think it is so annoying to see repeated comments that i have defined a term for these people, i'll call them "comment inflators". I tried to submit it to urban dictionary but they rejected it, good thing there's unurban dictionary :)