Friday, November 1, 2013

Facebook created the "Like" button for a reason

In facebook, below the comments there's the "like" button (not really a button but you can click on it like a button).  Everyone knows this.  This isn't new.
facebook clickable "like" symbol
And you know what's really annoying, people commenting on a post saying pretty much the same thing everyone else says.  What's the point.  Come on, let's use the "like" button.  If you see a comment that says just about what you're about to comment just click the like.  So instead of seeing thousands of comments saying the same thing, we'll have 2 or 3 comments with many likes.  It means the same thing but it saves people from reading thousands of comments and this way comments get all read.  Plus if someone has something really interesting to say, people will get a chance to read it and like it instead of having thousands of comments where interesting comments get buried along with uninteresting comments and hard to find and hard to like.  So next time you comment, please read some comments and find the one that best matches what you're about to say and click the "like" button.  It just makes sense.
I think it is so annoying to see repeated comments that i have defined a term for these people, i'll call them "comment inflators". I tried to submit it to urban dictionary but they rejected it, good thing there's unurban dictionary :)