Monday, October 6, 2014

Six colours in Vietnamese but similar to Calgary Stampede's 6 color gambling game

Similar to Calgary Stampede's 6 color gambling game.  In Calgary Stampede's game, you bet on a color, then someone tosses a ball into a net and it drops onto a colored wheel with groves at the edges of the color wheel.  If it lands on the color that you bet you win 4 times the amount you bet.  If it lands on another color, you lose you bet.
This game is similar to that game, except instead of a ball, it's an arrow pointing to a color.  If the arrow points to the same color as your bet you win $4.  If the arrow points to another color different from your bet, you lose $1.
The game can be found at
just click the triangle in the upper left corner to run program/game.  Place your bet by clicking on a color, then click "Spin" button.  Enjoy gambling with your $10 of virtual money.  When you run out of money the game ends, but you can always start it again by clicking on triangle again.

Thursday, October 2, 2014