Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Is your name "Katy Perry"? or if you're a well-known artist/singer!

If your name is "Katy Perry".  You're likely never going to see this page/blog.
But if you do, you should think about singing this song lyrics my friend and I came up with when we were working at Canadian Tire (we were bored) like more than a decade ago.
The song is submitted to artistsingmysong.comxa.com
It's a silly song lyrics about rain.
Sing it "Katy Perry"! Sing it!
If you make a video of you singing it, please leave a link to video in the comment below.
Chances are you won't sing this song unless artistsingmysong.comxa.com catches on and attract many internet users/song writers.  Which would be awesome.

Then if you're "Kate Perry" or another well-known artist, you can just search for your name and songs that have your name as suggested artist will show up, and you can see which songs have the most votes and you can make your fans/voters happy by singing the suggested song.

Don't forget to help me promote that site by encouraging other artists/song writers/voters to visit artistsingmysong.comxa.com

Have a pleasant day!

Do you know a song writer?

If you know someone or a friend who's a song writer,
get them to submit their song lyrics to http://artistsingmysong.comxa.com/.
When they submit their song lyrics, they also get to suggest which famous artist(s) to sing their song.
If you like a song's lyrics, you can then vote up.
As number of votes soar, the site will attract famous artist(s) and your friend's songs will more likely be considered to be sung/performed by these artist(s).

Where to send your song lyrics

Where to send my song lyrics?

so you think you have a hit song lyrics, and you want a famous artist to sing your song!  You can try sending the artist your song directly but what are the chances that they'll get to it? They're famous, they are likely to not have time to go over all the songs sent to them by fans/song writers.

Now if there was a way to get the attention of famous artist(s).

This is why http://artistsingmysong.comxa.com/ was born.  

It's a site where you can submit any song lyrics of yours and suggest a famous artist or artists to sing your song.  The site was born on Nov 10, 2014.  It has a very simple user interface!  Songs are listed alphabetically.  You can search for any user submitted songs by words in song title, song lyrics, suggested artist's name(s), or contributor name(s)/email.

The idea here is that if your song is in fact a possible hit song, it'll get high votes from you, your friends, and even random internet users.  If people like your song lyrics, they'll vote up.  As number of votes increase, and as the site becomes more popular it'll attract more internet users.  And obviously, if vote numbers soar, it'll attract famous artist(s) to check out your song lyrics. 

Voters are all potential future buyers/consumers of the song they vote up for.  So it's more likely that famous artist(s) will actually consider singing your highly voted songs.  It just makes sense. 

The site allows song writers to get their songs out there to share their work and allow song listeners the ability to vote while saving the famous artist(s)' time.  For example: If you were a famous artist, and you saw a song lyrics with 2 million votes and the suggested singer/artist is your name, you're more likely to consider singing it more than having to go through thousands of emails from fans/random song writers not knowing which song to pick out of the bunch.

Submit your song lyrics/ASMS at http://artistsingmysong.comxa.com/ today and share with your friends/family members to spread the word and get votes.

We decided to call the submitted songs on the site an ASMS (pronouned azums) simply because ASMS stands for "Artist Sing My Song".  We think it's a fun name.

Who knows, one of your song might be sung by Katy Perry or Lady GaGa in the future!  The site is dependent upon users/song writers like you.  It is only a simple tool to aid internet users in the process of attracting famous artist(s) based on vote counts.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A new website.

artistsingmysong.comxa.com is a brand new web-site where you can submit your own song lyrics and suggest a well-known artist or artists to sing your song.

As the site becomes more popular, and the number of votes goes up if it goes viral, the high number of votes should attract the attention of well-know artist(s) and increase the likelihood of them actually getting to singing your song.