Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why you should use the "Lotto Noodle" app instead of playing Quick Pick

Why you should use the "Lotto Noodle" app to play the lottery instead of playing Quick Pick Lottery!
The "Lotto Noodle" app doesn't increase/decrease your chance of winning/losing.
Since all numbers are equally likely to come up in the upcoming draw, there's no way to increase/decrease your odds of winning/losing.
But why should you use the "Lotto Noodle" app then?
Simply because it is more ... FUN!
It's fun coming up with different strings/words/phrases to be used as a noodle to get lottery numbers from.
You can buy "Natalie Portman" numbers for your lottery ticket.
You can buy "Bacon and Eggs" or anything else that you've had for breakfast.
You can buy "A house".
You can buy "A cat".
You might even buy "Jackpot".
You can buy anything, and that's what makes it fun.
And also along with your noodle, you can get numbers based on your noodle and your GPS location which makes your numbers unique to you even if you buy the same noodle as someone else who's from a different location.  By buying GPS based numbers, you're decreasing the odds of someone else sharing your Jackpot, if your numbers are a winner.
The "Lotto Noodle" app is FREE and available in the Google Play store.

So you've written a free android app.

So you've written a free android app and now, you want to share it with the world!

Maybe it has ads to earn you some coins, but it is FREE and available in the Google Play store.
Like me, I have a free app called "Lotto Noodle".
Now, how to advertise/promote your app?  Of course, you're gonna try to search for forums that have people talking about your topic, they're more likely to install your app.

Like my app, it's Lottery related so I searched for lottery forums and came up pretty high up on a Google search result.

So i thought "Hey yeah, people who read/comment on lottery forums are probably more likely to be most interested in my app".  So I registered an account with the forum and shared my app.

However, the forum's owner/webmaster considered this spamming and banned me for good from the site.
I think it was a good way of sharing the app with lottery players, and since it's lottery related it would help the forum's relevancy in Google searches.  Also if people searched for my app's name, my's post showed up on the first page of the search, I would say that really helps the forum and should be considered mutual benefit (People who view the forum gets exposed to my app, and people who search for my app gets exposed to the forum).

The forum's owner/webmaster didn't share my same view.  That's too bad.

So if you've ran into similar problems while trying to promote your app for free (since the app itself is free) and you've ran into this post this means that this post has some good relevancy on Google searches.  You can freely share your apps here in the comment section.

I wish you'll get many users/installs for your app.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lotto Noodle's latest version.

Lotto Noodle's latest version now will also generate numbers for the American Mega Millions as well. The app will generate five numbers from 1 to 75 and a Mega ball number from 1 to 15 based on your entered noodle.  The app will also generate five numbers from 1 to 75 and a Mega ball number from 1 to 15 based on your noodle and your GPS location combination.  This will make it more fun for Mega Millions lottery players.  Good luck, y'all!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Buying a single lottery ticket makes a big difference compared to not buying.

My junior-high math teacher (Mr. Downey) told us that the difference between buying a lottery ticket and not buying one is huge.  If you buy one, you have a chance. If you don't buy one, you're guaranteed 100% to not win anything.  But he also told us to buy just one ticket because buying thousands of tickets (compared to all the possibilities of a lottery draw) is still a very small chance.
To this day, i still agree with him.

If you don't buy one, you have absolutely no chance at all and there isn't really much to talk about.
If you buy one ticket, you have a chance (a very slim chance) but a chance.

So to the lottery players out there, always buy one ticket.  This guarantees you have a chance.  And good luck playing... most important thing is to have fun.

I created a free app to help my uncle have more fun when getting numbers to buy.  Since all numbers have equal chance of coming up in a draw, using this app doesn't increase/decrease your chance of losing/winning but it makes it more fun.  The app allows you to enter any string (aka noodle) and give you numbers based on your noodle.  It also gives you numbers based on your noodle and GPS location combination so that if you use the same noodle as someone else in a different location, you'll get different numbers.  The app is called "Lotto Noodle".  It's a free app available on Google Play Store.  Download it and have fun coming up with noodles.  Your noodle can be anything (ie. "Bacon and eggs", "I want to win!", "Ichiban", Your birth-date or any date, your pet's name, name of your crush).

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lotto Noodle App

An app that will give you numbers for any string (aka noodle) you enter for the Lottery 6/49, LottoMax and Powerball.
It also gives you numbers based on your noodle and GPS location so that your numbers are unique to your location when you use a similar noodle as someone else from a different location.

This app can be downloaded at google play store for FREE.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pick lottery numbers based on what you had for breakfast
go to the about section and click the url and you'll be taken to a codeskulptor program.
Click on triangle to run program, and enter what you had for breakfast (it's case sensitive, so "Beef" is different from "beef") or anything really! Your full birthdate, your favorite TV show anything.
and 6 numbers will be chosen for you to play the 6/49.

Based on what you've had for breakfast or your thing entered, you will get different numbers, but if you enter the same thing for example: "Beef" then "Beef" again you'll always get the same numbers.
So your answer is directly correlated to those given numbers.

Could what your birthdate give you winning numbers for the next draw?  Maybe your favorite snack foods?  Maybe your favorite colour? Anything, maybe the name of your crush might give you winning numbers. Who knows? but it's sure fun to play and be able to say things like: "I bought 'bacon and eggs' for the upcoming lottery draw!".

If you download one free app this XMAS, make it this one.

This app will suggest activities to do based on current weather conditions.
Another good use for it is: If you wish to do something for current weather condition but are too busy to do, you can create an activity for current weather.  Then at another time, when a similar weather condition occurs, it'll suggest the activity you've created for it.