Friday, May 8, 2015

creating simple frames for comic strips

Someone on asked for something that would create comic strips frame.
So I created this simple program to help create frames easily for comic strips.
The program can be found here: Comic Strip Frame in codeskulptor
or Comic Strip Frame in codeskulptor with automatic snapping to line functionality <-- (This is much better version I think)
Click on triangle (play button) to run program

If you really want you can play around with constants at the beginning of program code to change some settings such as width, height, linewidth, blacklinewidth but the default should be okay (width*height is defaulted as 800*600).
Once you run program, the view area might be smaller than the full image (you can hover over the edges of the window to resize the window to see the whole image)
Once program is running, click on "Add frame line" to add a default horizontal frame line.
Click on any endpoint of a frame line and drag to change its position
Once you're happy with the frame you've created, you can right click on image and "View Image" or "Save Image As" just like you would any other web image.
Here's a sample of what the program can create (very quickly).

Using the program, you can create a blank comic page (with constant frame line thickness).

here's another blank comic page for fun :)

Here's what it looks like with some content in it (sorry i don't draw so can't really do comics for you).
 UPDATE: I have improved the program by drawing white lines afterwards so if you have frame lines that cross over, it creates clean looking intersections like roadways which is what we want.

Alternately, if you don't want to use this simple program, there's a really easy way to create these frames in GIMP as well (using the Path tool) there's a trick on how to get a constant width frame.
Check out the instructions here.