Sunday, May 24, 2015

I got over 150 facebook likes on one of my pages in one week without advertising.

The page is Lotto Noodle facebook page
In one week, (specifically last week, May 16 2015) I jumped from about 60 likes to 215 likes.
Originally the 60 likes were from advertising on facebook months ago, it costed me about $20 USD to get those likes...
I stopped advertising, then months later I don't know what i did but last week it jumped to 215 likes.
That's really sweet if it continued. but I am afraid it stopped.
This week i have not a single like.
I don't know what changed... I really wished I knew the source of these likes so hopefully i can do more of the same to promote that page (or other pages).

I even posted something asking where/how my likers found my page. and sadly no one is answering my post so far.

This is a little frustrating.  Not knowing the source of those likes.

So I am trying a new thing like to get attention of my likers when it shows up on the feed by using an image like below (hopefully it'll get people answering).