Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Profile Image and Cover Image Combination facebook page

this Profile-Image-and-Cover-Image-Combination facebook page
has designs that use Profile and Cover images to compose an image that looks like one whole image.

Here are some of the screenshots of what a page/profile would look like when profile image and cover image are used together:
forest with TV scanline on cover

forest profile and cover together

Earth cover and profile together

San Sebastian Beach Spain cover and profile together

Abstract Space image with cover and profile together

New York with cover and profile together

DNA with cover and profile together

If you like to create your own profile/cover combination, you can use this friendly template/image found here: Facebook profile/cover template image
Don't forget to share your beautiful designs with others on Profile-Image-and-Cover-Image-Combination facebook page.

Here's instructions on how to use the template (in GIMP): How to create your facebook profile/cover images so that it looks like one image