Monday, June 15, 2015

Sky-learn a prototype app to teach children alphabet/numbers/shapes/colors and things(animals and things)

Sky-learn is a prototype app.
With alphabet/numbers/shapes/colors and things (floating up in the sky) intending to teach young children to recognize them based on speech.
The app will speak a letter/number/shape/color or thing(animal or thing) and the child has to click on right icon out of 3 possible icons.  If the child clicks/touches the right one a "Ding Ding" bell will sound and the child gets 3 points (1 point for each icon).  If the child clicks/touches the wrong icon, a "Buzz" will sound indicating it's incorrect and 1 point is taken away.
If the child did not hear the speech the first time, the child can click on the speech bubble located at the lower left hand side of game screen area.  And the speech of the letter/number/shape/color or thing will repeat again.
Here's a video capture of the app/game in action.

This app could also be used for non-english speakers to teach them letters/numbers/colors/shapes and things English.

Later on, i want to build more difficulty by showing words instead of pictures so that the users/kids can learn to recognize words, the first essential blocks of learning how to read.

You can try out this prototype here:

I am starting a kickstarter project to get funding for getting the GameSalad Pro version which will me to publish to mobile apps such as android.  Hopefully, i'll get enough funding.  I want to make the app/game available for free, because it's intended to be educational and education should be as free as possible.

If you'd like to back this project, you can back it here: