Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Help design a video game and have your name displayed on that portion of the video game.

Help us design a portion (small part(s)) of a video game.
And in return, you get your name displayed on that portion of the video game.

Before you can help us design, try out the game mechanics with this android WIP (work in progress)

We want the game to be really simple, tap anywhere on screen to jump.
You can jump over lava or jump on land platforms to jump over longer parts of lava.
The game has 4 arrow icons.
If your hero touches the down arrow icon, he shrinks to half his normal size and his jump is lower but he is now shorter, so he can go under low lying platforms.
If your hero touches the up arrow icon, he grows back to his normal size and his jump is normal height so he can jump on to platforms that half-sized hero can't.
If your hero touches the left arrow, he will travel backward (toward the left of the screen).
If your hero touches the right arrow, he will travel forward (toward the right of the screen).
That's it, that's all the game mechanics.

We want to create a really long level composed of portions/designs by users like you from around the world.
We want to display your name somewhere on the portion(s)/design(s) that you create/submit (it might be over a land piece/lava or just hovering on black background).
If you have a design(s) and you submit it/them and it/they is/are not yet in the game, we'll add it/them for sure and make sure your name appears in it/them.

You can then tell your friend(s) about the game and have them play the game and see your name as proof of your contribution along with hopefully many others around the world.

Our hope is that the game will evolve into a really long level that requires memorization in order to beat it and contributer's names are clues to memorization.

To submit your design, create a forum user account and submit/reply to the post in the link below (you should specify a name to be displayed in the game, if different from your forum user name, otherwise your forum user name will be displayed):

This game is purely experimentally as we want it to evolve over time (as it gets longer) purely on user contributions.

Share with your friends to give them the opportunity to have their designs submitted and their names displayed in the game as well.

Your design(s) can be as simple as the below images (as long as you get the idea across, so that we can build the game to include that design(s)):
Higher Ground

Small guy passage
If you wish to be clearer, you can include a short discription for example: 1) for Higher ground image above, "Move backwards, jump on platform Move forward, jump on higher platform" 2) for Small guy passage, "Touch down arrow to shrink but jum over up arrow in order to stay half-size (small) to dodge under low lying platform."

You can freely use these these images to compose your design(s)/portion(s):





We hope that you come up with interesting variations/placements of these land/lava/arrows to keep the game entertaining/challenging.

Thank you for reading and Thanks in advance for submitting design(s).