Thursday, August 20, 2015

We're all blinds.

If everyone on earth was blind, and one person could see and then that person died. Thousands of years pass, it's difficult to believe that there once existed a person that could see because everyone is currently blind, all that's left are stories told in books of this one person that could see (which would seem miraculous). If this person saw stars and the moon, and the sun, and described them to all the blind people... people would have a hard time believing in the moon and stars now because they can't feel them, they would only be able to feel the warmth of the sun. And if asked why don't they believe in the stars and the moon, most blind people would say that they can't feel them so they're not there. But what if these people were told that they are blind and so they can't see, they would have a hard time believing in the ability to see as there isn't a person around who can see.

I truly believe there are people who can see, the first person that comes to mind is Buddha, the other is Jesus Christ, there might be more... and we're all blinded by our worldly desires.