Sunday, December 27, 2015

Chanting Amida Buddha's name will activate subconsciously when you're in a scary situation.

The chanting of Amida name is starting to take place in my 8th whenever i have a nightmare about something scary, in my dream i remember to chant, like last nite i dreamt that i was going to be electrocuted to death i was made to hold these two wires and people were watching me about to be electrocuted. I was so scared all a sudden i remembered to chant so i started chanting and then when i connected the wires, the wires burned up but i was okay and then i continued to chant and then i woke up from it...i told my uncle about the dream he said it's good it means it's in your 8th sense starting to take it's place whenever you're scared the chant in the 8th sense will shoot out.... i told him this started months ago when i dreamt about being stuck with my hip stuck in the back window of a car and the car broke the ice and was sinking into the water front first as half the car is under the water, i thought to myself..shit..i am going to die..then all a sudden i remembered to chant so i chanted in my dream..and it woke me up from the dream.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Amida Buddha, A Di Da Phat

It is taught/told (by a Vietnamese monk on youtube) that whenever we see a small creature/animal (like insects, worms, birds) if we put our hands together like praying gesture and chant/recite Nam Mo A Di Da Phat (Amida Buddha's name), we help plant a Bodhi seed (seed of enlightenment) in that creature's 8th sense (memory sense out of the 8 consciousnesses in Buddhism) which help set that creature's path to enlightenment in future lives as well planting a Bodhi seed in our own 8th sense which also helps us on the path enlightenment.  It is said that you reap what you sow, by sowing Bodhi seeds (through reciting Amida Buddha's name) rebirth in Pureland is what we reap.  Chanting Amida Buddha's name is the seed, Pureland is the fruit.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The woman I love.

A young male came to see a Buddist monk and asked why this woman he met and loved very much went and married another man.
The monk showed him a mirror.  In this magical mirror, the young male saw a young lady who died on the street, and after a young male came by and covered her body with a piece of cloth.  After a while longer, another male came and put her body in a coffin and buried her.  After seeing that, the monk told the young male.  In your past life, You were the young male who covered her with the cloth, so you only gained enough karmic seeds to meet her this life time.  The second male who buried her did more so she naturally married him, her husband is the second male shown in the mirror.
The young male left understanding understand about karma and was no longer hurt about the woman not marrying him.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Monk who was a hunter.

This story is from this video:
In the video there's a short story about planting karmic seeds from the time of Buddha.

During Buddha's time. There was this man who wanted to become a monk and join the monastery.  He went the the monastery and asked the head monks to shave his head so that he can become a monk.  Buddha wasn't there, he was out.  The head monks would use their insights to see the past 80 lives of this man and saw that this man did not plant any karmic seeds with Buddhism in his 80 lives so they told the man to leave.  The man was very disappointed and sad.  As he left, he was thinking of dying.  So he decided that he would run and smash his head against the rocks and die.  But before he did this, Buddha was returning and ran into him and asked him why he's so sad and wanted to die.  He told Buddha his story, and Buddha used his insights and saw his past lives and told the man to come back with Buddha to get his head shaved to become a monk.  When Buddha got back to the monastery, the head monks were surprised to see the man coming with Buddha and told Buddha that they have already used their insights to see that this man has no karmic seeds with Buddhism.  Buddha told them, you've seen his past 80 lives but have not seen his past 81 lives.  Buddha continued and told them that 81 lives ago, this man was hunter and one day in the forest while hunting, he ran into a tiger and was chased by the tiger.  The man was so afraid of the tiger, he climbed up a tree while the tiger was waiting down below.  The man remembered people saying that chanting "Buddha" plants good karmic seeds, he was so afraid even though he didn't believe in Buddha, he was desperate enough to try so he started chanting "Buddha, Buddha ...".  After repeating this chant for a while the tiger lost interest in the hunter and left.  Because of this chanting, he planted karmic seeds with Buddhism.  And so he shall be monk.  After joining the monastery, this man achieved some form of enlightenment and became an arhata.
The moral of the story is that even a person who doesn't believe in Buddha or Buddhism if recite Buddha's name will effectively plant karmic seeds which leads to enlightenment in the future.  Now imagine the effect if we wholeheartedly recite Buddha's name.