Sunday, December 27, 2015

Chanting Amida Buddha's name will activate subconsciously when you're in a scary situation.

The chanting of Amida name is starting to take place in my 8th whenever i have a nightmare about something scary, in my dream i remember to chant, like last nite i dreamt that i was going to be electrocuted to death i was made to hold these two wires and people were watching me about to be electrocuted. I was so scared all a sudden i remembered to chant so i started chanting and then when i connected the wires, the wires burned up but i was okay and then i continued to chant and then i woke up from it...i told my uncle about the dream he said it's good it means it's in your 8th sense starting to take it's place whenever you're scared the chant in the 8th sense will shoot out.... i told him this started months ago when i dreamt about being stuck with my hip stuck in the back window of a car and the car broke the ice and was sinking into the water front first as half the car is under the water, i thought to myself..shit..i am going to die..then all a sudden i remembered to chant so i chanted in my dream..and it woke me up from the dream.