Friday, May 20, 2016

A website to help retail employees/shoppers help each other locate products in stores.
A website to help retail employees/shoppers help each other locate products in stores. (that's bacon with a "k") is a website where anyone can add stores information.
Stores can be up-voted or down-voted based on their validity.
And Stores with higher up-votes will show up on top of searches.
Similarly products or items can be added by anyone and be up-voted or down-voted based on how good their location descriptions are and they will also show up higher on the list based on their up-votes when searched.

The idea is a simple easy-to-use website where retail employees or shoppers can add location description of products and can be easily searched for by other shoppers when an employee isn't available.

Our hope is that as more people use the site, employees will relieved of repeated questions of where products are and that they become more productive on other tasks such as stocking shelves or whatever else.  As retail employees become more productive, they're worth more to their employees and shall deserve a raise.  It is also a good tool for new employees who just started working at new place and not know where things are, they can just look up products and even enter their own products and their locations as they learn where the products are as they build up their knowledge base for the store while helping customers who have internet access on their mobile phones.

Please share with fellow shoppers and friends who work in retail industry.  We'd like to thank you all in advance for contributing to the content of the site and for using our up-vote/down-vote features to help maintain the validity of the content of our site.

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The below are some stores that have been added by myself (the WebMaster of
Canada Alberta Calgary Canadian Tire (Richmond Road)  (I worked here when i was 18 for about 2.5 years)
Canada Alberta Calgary Garrison Woods Safeway (I worked here for about 2 weeks in one summer).
Canada Alberta Calgary Westhills Shopping Centre Safeway (I didn't shop here very often because everytime I was in Westhills it was for a movie with friends).

Here's animated gif demo of site being used.