Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to locate products within stores.
helps retail employees/shoppers/customers help each other locate products within stores.

As a customer/shopper you can search for a store name within your city.  While viewing that store you can search for products which then will tell you where to locate these products.

If you search for a product and it isn't found at all in the store, it'll be added to outstanding requests.

These outstanding requests show up at the bottom of page when viewing store.  So that retail employees or someone else who knows where these products are located can add these products for the store. is there to help and hope to grow its knowledge based on user's contributions of store information and product locations.

Each store can be up-voted or down-voted and stores with higher votes will show up on top of search results when searched for.

Similarly products can also be up-voted or down-voted and will also show up on top of search results when searched for.

Relevancy will depend largely on voters.

So if you've found the product you've looked for at the right location, please vote up that product.

Also if you see a store that is a real store, vote up that store.

Voting-down on products indicates that the product's location description is no longer valid or spam.
Voting-down on stores indicates that the store no longer exists or spam.