Monday, May 23, 2016

Know where products are in store(s) and want to help out shoppers?

If you don't see a store that you know of, you can just add it to our site.
Then you can start adding products that you know the location of to help out future customers/shoppers locate them through the use of the site.

If customers search for a product and it isn't found in on our site for that specific store, it'll add an outstanding request to bottom of page (in red while viewing that store) so that anyone else (ideally a store employee) can come in and add that product with information of its whereabouts.

Our system depends on crowd sourcing and up-voting/down-voting to maintain the validity of the information on the site.

If you know where a few products are, that helps too.  Just imagine, one entry will help so many shoppers in the future looking for the same product at that specific store.  When you add a store or a product there is an added by field so you can use your real name, your email, or your nickname, or even your secret identity if you're a superhero who likes to help out.