Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A possible way to store solar power for when the sun isn't shining.

I first read about Peltier Tiles when i read about Ann Makoskinski inventing the hollow flashlight that uses electricity created by using Peltier Tiles from difference of temperature between body heat(hand heat) and room temperature.

And then I read about Vancouver's Austin Wang altering genes of bacteria to create bacteria that is 20 times more efficient at break down waste while creating electricity...

Then I saw a video on youtube about solar panels/solar power.

Here's the idea, when the sun is shining, we create electricity for mass consumption, and at the same time use excess energy from that to heat up something that's good at storing heat over-night (like water).  Then when the sun isn't shining we use this heated (water) and apply it to one side of Peltier Tiles to generate electricity.  I don't know the efficiency of Peltier Tiles but judging based on the fact that if it can light up some LEDs for a flashlight with only the difference from body heat(hand heat) and room temperature which isn't that much of a difference, the difference between heated (water) content from solar and room temperature should be much greater.

Disclamer: I am not an inventor,  It's just an idea and I don't have enough equipment or the know how to create a working model.  The most I have done with solar is creating a backyard hotdog cooker that is in a shape of a cone that focuses sunlight onto a rod where my hotdog was standing.  I hope someone/anyone can take this idea and test it out.