Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ad Post template for Free Money Contests facebook page.

This is a template which will be used to post users/likers/advertisers posts who donate to get posts posted to Free Money Contests
Each post will be updated with current Pool amount to keep users interested in seeing them.

We just updated out ad post template again... still 1500x100 but now no border just bottom bar of pool amount

Design of Free Money Contests' announcement and winner

Designs of Free Money Contests' facebook page's contest announcements and winner announcements.

Free Money Contests' announcements template/design

Free Money Contests' winner announcement template/design

Contest #1 worth $5.00 USD at Free Money Contests.

This is a seed contest, we're using our own money to attract likers in order to increase our page posts value to attract advertisers who wish to have ads that get high attention (because with each ad posts, we ad a black border and a LED looking sign at bottom with current pool amount (with 90% or more of which will go toward future contests)).

To qualify for contest you just have to like our Free Money Contests page and like our post and have a paypal account in order to receive the winning if you win.

The post is located at Contest #1 Worth $5.00 USD.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Free Money Contests

Our community page is here:
Free Money Contests Facebook Page.
What's our page about?

the whole idea of the page is that people can freely like our page to follow updated news on contests/winners/posts and to join contests.

To keep the page interesting to our likers, we need money to run free money contests.
Anyone who wants to post to our page for our likers to see has to contact us (through email [click send email from our facebook page], [no porn or work from home scams, please!]) and donate an amount of money (using Paypal) equal to ($0.01 USD multiplied by the number of likers we have on our page) or greater so for example if we had 1,000 likers, donate just $10.00 USD or more, if we had 10,000 likers just donate $100.00 USD or more.

It's important to recognize people who wants to post to our page as donators and not all advertisers because there are cheaper ways to advertise than donating to our pool.

After the manual work of approving the content of a post through email and verifying donation amount, 92% ore more of the donation amount will be added to the pool of funds to run future "Free Money Contests". 8% is for administration work when the page gets busier.  If the page gets more donations as the pool grows larger, this amount for administration work might go lower and any remaining amount, we will donate to charities of our choice.

Our likers doesn't spend any money to qualify for contests, they just have to follow our page to see updated news/contests/winners/posts and join contests by sharing/liking our contest posts.

It's like a form of free lottery at no cost to our likers.  Donations money is to keep the likers interested.

With each post with donation to the page, we'll update the total pool fund available to go toward the next contest as well to keep things interesting for the users/likers to follow.

We imagine that we would have a very high user retention rate because of donated money.
For users/likers it'll be very interesting to follow posts because with each posts, they get to see the pool amount rise, the amount in which they might win with the next contest.
Also for advertisers when we post your post, at the very end we post things such as Current pool size/fund so users are encouraged to click on See more to see the rest of the post, this will help increase user's interaction as they're interested in knowing what the current pool size/fund is.

For the user it's fun to follow the pool size as the fund increases over time, for the advertiser it's good to get user/liker's attention.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to keep running free money contests for the little people (the likers) while having high attention rates for advertisers who can afford to donate to our pool of money.  And as long as our manual tasks such as running contests, approving ads/posts before we post them keeping track of where the funds go, how much has been given out to date and so on are compensated for , we're happy to continue be able to run free money contests, that's our real passion because we think it's interesting work, being able to give our free money.

We'll keep the 92% rate of the donation funds to run free money contests.
With the 8% we plan to pay our own salary of doing administration work.
If this 8% happens to be larger than the average salary of a single person locally, we'll donate the left over to charities our of own choice, if that ever happens (crossing our fingers).

It'll be great for everyone.
Advertisers get interaction from users.
Users/likers get to enter contests for free money.
We get a full time job.
And hopefully charities will help better our world.

When you follow our page

Cover photo redesign (LED lights) for our page
Contest Announcements and Winner Announcement designs
Ad Post Image Template design
Profile image redesign

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Calgary Business/Events/Ads?

Got a business in Calgary?
Want to advertise a local event?
Any other ads?
Advertise with us for free.
Like our facebook page and Join Calgary Free Advertisement Facebook Group and post ads for free.
For Calgary Alberta Canada.