Monday, October 10, 2016

Share your "Paint Nite" artworks and hang out with fellow "Paint Nite" addicts around the world.

I have got a friend on facebook, that is a "Paint Nite" addict.
She keeps sharing her "Paint Nite" artworks on facebook which I enjoy a lot.
And she got another friend to join too.
So I thought maybe if you want to share your "Paint Nite" art works with others you can join a forum to do that.  I searched for it but i don't see a forum dedicated to "Paint Nite" artworks.
But there could be a place for that.
You can join a forum on gimp learn forums.

The forum is called "The Arts" which right now include all kinds of art (mostly GIMP related) because we're a new site.
But if we get more "Paint Nite" people to share their work.  I'll put all the "Paint Nite" ones into a sub-forum under "The Arts". (EDIT: I just made a sub-forum called "Paint Nite" for now if anyone wants to share they can, it's a brand new like a week old so we haven't had anyone submit yet, hopefully that'll happen soon).
And it will be "GREAT!".
Go "Paint Nite".

Monday, October 3, 2016

How to create a rotating animated gif.

Head over to GIMP LEARN forum and learn how to quickly create a rotating animated gif.
Creating a rotating animated gif
That you can use for your web pages or web icon.