Monday, December 26, 2016

Last night, i had a dream about seeing Amita Buddha

One of my friend's mom is in hospice and was taken home for Christmas day to spend time with her family.
I heard about the news on facebook and wanted to chant for her.
At night before going to bed last night I chanted for her.
I then fell asleep and had a dream where i told my friend and her husband (also my friend) to chant Amida Buddha for her mom laying on the bed in front of us.
Then next thing i saw was her mom was standing up and facing us with her hands together, so my friends looked behind us and saw Amida Buddha appearing.  They were so surprised.  I then turned around and saw Amida Budda too appearing in mid air radiating rings of different color lights, each ring is a different color radiating outward.  Then Amida Buddha disappeared and I woke up.
Hopefully that's a good sign.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Buddha Collage Piet Mondian's design

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I looked up Piet Mondrian on google and read about his art and was intrigued by his famous piece of the big red square and balancing rectangles/squares around the red square.
So I thought why not use that design (as a copycat work) but instead of having just rectangles of different colors, I wanted to use my "Buddha Collage" piece in them.
After the piece was done, I was like "Nice, Buddhas appearing in different dimensions!".
I was very happy with this piece combining collage work with an already well-known design by one of the great masters.

Buddha Collage

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Amida Buddha described in Buddhist scriptures as having thousands of buddhas appearing in his rays of light which emits from his whole body.  And from those buddhas' rays of light, thousands more buddhas in each of the ray.

To properly perceive that, you would need to have superpower or having had opened your third eye.

I wanted to represent that in a collage (buddhas within his rays of light).

So I composed this one out of 46 different images of sitting buddhas (45 small ones are repeated to have total of 129 little buddhas).

Well-knowns in my world.

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It's a personal piece to me because they're landmarks/features of popular places that i have always heard about or seen with my own eyes.

It's meant to be a personal feel of global piece.  That's why I put the map of the world as the background.

To me it's a representation of what the world contains to me.

Winterscape collage

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I was driving with my uncle to SuperStore and on the way i saw the houses on a slope/hill with pine trees weaving between them all covered on top with snow.
It's the classic feel of winterscape.
And that piece was meant to capture that.
It reminds me of the Christmas holidays atmosphere.

Giant Goldfish Collage Process Documentation

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I thought i would do this piece to document the input images used and the outcome resulting image from my collage.
It's meant to illustrate and excite collage artists.
It documents the process of what fun can be created from different input images.
As you can see the end result is has a very different feel to the input images.  It's something new from reusing existing pieces, the sole purpose of any collage.
It's fun to look at... like elementary grade school ... 1+1+1+1+1= 5.

Giant Goldfish Collage

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We all know goldfish live in freshwater, but this giant goldfish lives in the ocean.
It's composed of 4 different fishes.
A "Frankenstein" fish as somebody on has commented.
It's a simple piece for those who are fond of pet goldfishes.
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This piece came unexpectedly. I was chatting with an old friend on google+ and asked what he was up to. He told me he moved into a new place and has room to work on his motorbike and showed me picture of his bike. It was originally red, with yellow springs and he changed some of the parts to blue. I asked him if he intended it to look like that primary colors. He said no, he just haven't changed all the parts to blue. So the next day i thought why not make a collage of motorbike with primary colors (Yellow, Red, Blue). So I found images of the primary colors including the rider. and made this piece. It was a quick but fun piece with colors.

Still life - Sauces and Condiments collage

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This one i really wanted to capture the commonly used sauces and condiments in a still life. But using different images (partial images) of the subjects. So that they all flood your eyes visually that trigger parts of your brain that think of sauces and condiments. Having a single image of ketchup for example wouldn't be nearly as fun as 3 different partial images of different ketchup bottles composed into one. Same with the table, 3 different images of wood texture. But for the wall i wanted something simple flat so that the subjects would stand out.

On her crown collage

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This piece is a more conceptual.
The main idea here is that through a little girl's eyes, she wishes to have a family of her own with white picket fence to endure through the life (hence the raining weather).

Apple on branch collage

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Just an apple of branch maybe during fall. I wanted to try something like cubism (showing different angles of the apple, where you can see the top and bottom of apple). The apple is still generally in the apple shape. But I thought an apple would be too plain, so adding different angles give more of twist to the apple, the main subject of the piece.

Saskatchewan Grain Elevator Collage

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I wanted to create something that captures the long still standing Grain Elevator of Saskatchewan. By showing different rays of sky like it's standing still through all times of the day. And by different horizontal strips of vegetation, it's standing still through seasons. That's the basic idea. Also the rays all lead to the grain elevator. There isn't a sun, but with the rays it gives a feeling of the sun rising over horizon behind the grain elevator.

Dancing around the fire collage

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With this piece, i wanted to capture the atmosphere around a fire in the the dark of the night.
Where abstract figures are dancing around a camp fire.
The glow on abstract figures bring out constract between bright and dark surfaces on the figures.
Everyone is happy dancing around the fire.

Martial Arts Dancing Collage

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This piece... I can't remember how or what triggered me to come up with it.
I just felt like having people come out of solid structure.
At first I thought I would do a male and female coming out of opposite sides of walls.
But then limited by images i could find, I changed my mind to have this structure.
Then instead of just male and female, I ran into the dancing Indian girl and thought that it would add to this piece.  Then after having the girl, I thought I would find a man doing martial arts.
Then I arrived at this piece.  Where female is dancing, and male is doing martials arts...
I guess you could say that "Martial arts and Dancing come out from the same foundation" could be the meaning of the piece but this result came out from luck i never intended to make such statement.

Picasso's Guitarist Collage

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This one, i pretty much copied Picasso's Guitarist piece. I was curious to see his work reincarnated in Collage form. It was fun to do, searching for pieces that would fit together to resemble Picasso's original.

Race against a train dream collage

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Years ago (probably decades) I had a dream.  In the dream I was a person running really fast, then i jumped from a train track going over a bridge but when i landed i turned into sort of like a deer form.  But I was still me, i just grew antlers and was racing against a train.

I still remember that dream.  It was such a weird dream.
I thought I would do this piece to show a glimpse of that dream.
A person with antlers running on all fours like a deer racing against a moving train.

Human Flight Abstract Collage

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Human flight abstract is an awkward piece.
Because I don't think we're made to fly.  So flying would seem very awkward.  This one is experimental.  I shaped the human figure in the shape of an airplane.
The head and limbs are places in such awkward position in order to fit the shape of the airplane.
It's all awkward and weird.
But that's awkward feeling I feel toward flying if we were to fly.

Deer in Town of Banff Collage

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This piece was just a quick and fun one.
I wanted to play with sizes on this one.
Just a simple scene of Town of Banff.  Plus an oversized (unrealistically oversized) deer.  Deers hang out in Banff.
So why not a piece that shows the likeliness of someone seeing a deer in Banff.
It's very hard to miss, hence a giant deer just casually crossing the street in Banff.

M Index Collage

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This piece I thought I would try something different.
All five elements start with the letter "M".
Moose, Moutains, Mars, Milky way and the Moon.
Hopefully, subconsciously because they all start with "M" they'll excite a similar region of the viewer's brain.
Maybe so, maybe not.
But I liked it because it produced a calm, quiet mood.  The Moose seems to just chilling at the foreign scenic background.  Mars is not visible from Earth in reality (if it is never that big).  But that's the escape/freedom I wanted in this background.  The Moon isn't even that big in reality, but in art anything is possible. right?
I think one of the aspect that makes art so much fun is the ability to create something that doesn't necessarily exists in reality.

Coffee Break Collage

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When my friend and I visited Spain years ago, we went to museum that showcased Pablo Picasso's work.
We saw many of Picasso's early pieces of art.  Most of them I thought "blah, don't get it!".  But then there was this one piece that I instantly clicked with.  It was an abstract of a guy sitting on a couch in a room (maybe having a coffee/tea don't remember exactly) but there was a dog in the room laying on the floor).  It took me maybe like half a second to click with.  I admired the painting so much I kept going back to it to stare at it.  I seemed to have lost myself in the painting.  The feeling is hard to describe.  It feels like as though all the arts i have seen in my life up to that point didn't compare to that one piece.  I was surprised by the feeling and never imagined that a piece of art work can have such an effect on me.
Since then i tried to look for the piece online but couldn't find it.  I don't think it's available other than that museum's physical collection.
Personally, it seemed as though all of Picasso's abstract work was all worth it even if only few people can click with his pieces.
None of Picasso's other pieces clicked with me like this piece did.
So when I started doing collages, I thought I would try to reproduce the feeling of that piece by creating this coffee break piece.
Of course, this piece doesn't produce the same feeling for me.  But hopefully it might click with someone else.
That's the thing about art though, it's so personal.  A piece could short circuit someone's brain and makes them feel all these feelings when having no effect on other viewers.

San Sebastian Beach, Spain

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This photo was taken on a trip to Spain (Sebastian Beach). 

I still remember that day. My friend and I decided that we'd hike up the mountain that day, we brought our cameras with us.  I think it was 2/3rds way up (if I remember correctly) there was a viewing area (either paved or stoned, probably stoned).  From this viewpoint i took this shot.  I think it's beautiful.

Funny thing is later after the hike we went visited a souvenir shop and I saw a post card that looked just like this photo.

One night, before falling asleep, I thought back about that day and wondered if there were any predators living on that mountain.  If there were we obviously didn't run into any and oblivious to them.

It was a good day in my memory.

I think this is the only photo I have that's worth selling quality, all my other photos that i take just don't compare to this one.

This photo was taken using a Point and shoot camera (Canon Powershot A700 on auto mode).