Monday, December 19, 2016

Coffee Break Collage

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When my friend and I visited Spain years ago, we went to museum that showcased Pablo Picasso's work.
We saw many of Picasso's early pieces of art.  Most of them I thought "blah, don't get it!".  But then there was this one piece that I instantly clicked with.  It was an abstract of a guy sitting on a couch in a room (maybe having a coffee/tea don't remember exactly) but there was a dog in the room laying on the floor).  It took me maybe like half a second to click with.  I admired the painting so much I kept going back to it to stare at it.  I seemed to have lost myself in the painting.  The feeling is hard to describe.  It feels like as though all the arts i have seen in my life up to that point didn't compare to that one piece.  I was surprised by the feeling and never imagined that a piece of art work can have such an effect on me.
Since then i tried to look for the piece online but couldn't find it.  I don't think it's available other than that museum's physical collection.
Personally, it seemed as though all of Picasso's abstract work was all worth it even if only few people can click with his pieces.
None of Picasso's other pieces clicked with me like this piece did.
So when I started doing collages, I thought I would try to reproduce the feeling of that piece by creating this coffee break piece.
Of course, this piece doesn't produce the same feeling for me.  But hopefully it might click with someone else.
That's the thing about art though, it's so personal.  A piece could short circuit someone's brain and makes them feel all these feelings when having no effect on other viewers.