Monday, December 26, 2016

Last night, i had a dream about seeing Amita Buddha

One of my friend's mom is in hospice and was taken home for Christmas day to spend time with her family.
I heard about the news on facebook and wanted to chant for her.
At night before going to bed last night I chanted for her.
I then fell asleep and had a dream where i told my friend and her husband (also my friend) to chant Amida Buddha for her mom laying on the bed in front of us.
Then next thing i saw was her mom was standing up and facing us with her hands together, so my friends looked behind us and saw Amida Buddha appearing.  They were so surprised.  I then turned around and saw Amida Budda too appearing in mid air radiating rings of different color lights, each ring is a different color radiating outward.  Then Amida Buddha disappeared and I woke up.
Hopefully that's a good sign.