Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How to install BOINC on Linux (Ubuntu).

So far, i only instructions for installing on linux (Ubuntu) as

sudo aptitude install boinc-client boinc-manager

But aptitude didn't work for me on Linux(Ubuntu). So I used:
sudo apt-get install boinc-client boinc-manager

By running BOINC (World Community Grid project), you help scientist (with your spare CPU cycles) to do research on cancer, HIV, Ebola, Zika and other researches.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

How you can help Cancer, Ebola, HIV, Zeka and other research.

What's most interesting is anyone with a computer can help.
1. All you do is install and run the BOINC program.
2. Then go to http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ to sign up for an account.
3. Then in BOINC program click Add project. Select "World Community Grid" project.
4. Next screen use login info from step 2 to log in.
5. The program will download work load from World Community Grid project and work away at it.

I think it's amazing that anyone with absolutely no knowledge about these diseases can just help with their computer processing time. I already installed it on my windows laptop, my linux laptop, my uncle's linux laptop, and his windows (vista) chess playing laptop. So i got 4 machines helping now. Very exciting.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Shout/Unshout Tool (Javascript).

Typing all your letters in CAPS is considered SHOUTING (and it's often considered rude on online postings).
This tool will help you Unshout/Shout your text:

Friday, October 27, 2017

An SEO experiment to see how high a short article can rank on Google

This is an SEO experiment to see how high a blog post can rank
if I write for an audience as well as trying to hit many keywords provided by google keyword planner.

First, I use Google Keyword Planner.
I type in a word for example for this experiment, I am gonna use "GIMP" because I'd like to post about "GIMP" the free open source program that I have a forum about and it's what I am interested in.

Then I see 1st page of Google Keyword planner giving me these words/phrases:
gimp 2
gimp photo editor
gimp windows
gimp photoshop
gimp 2.0
gnu image manipulation program
gimp image editor
gimp editor
gimp windows 10
gimp 3
gimp brushes
gimp free
open source photo editor
open source image editor
gimp download

I think it's pretty hard to hit all these words/phrases without sounding desperate or look like you're only trying to hit keywords and not writing for the audience.
My goal is trying to write for an audience while being able to hit many keywords.
So I start writing my simple article about GIMP What it is, What I use it for and Where to go to help/get help from

I bolded the keyword(s)/phrases that I think are good for targetting keywords but only for my own personal purpose to see what good keywords/phrases that I hit after I wrote the article.

I did use the keywords given from first page of keyword planner as a guide but still kept focus on what I can share to the audience that might be interested in finding out information about GIMP.

So by the end of bolding keywords/phrases I have this list that's in my article:
What is GIMP (the GIMP)?
GIMP, open source image/photo editor,
GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program,
GIMP, open source, free,
GIMP, download GIMP, free,
What Do I Use It For?
editing, scripts, download to use in GIMP,
GIMP, Windows, GIMP
plug-ins, GIMP, plug-ins/scripts,
Photoshop, photoshop, GIMP,
GIMP, photo enhancing,
GIMP, photo/image editing
Where To Go Help/Get Help?
try to help, get help

I think the list is pretty good for hitting keywords/phrases about GIMP.   And the article is still focuses on sharing information with the audience.

Now I submit the link of my article to Google submit url, and Bing submit url for the Google's and Bing's bots to crawl my page and see how it ranks.

This is only an experiment to see if this strategy works well for the audience as well as bots or not.
The real results come in when some one searches for "GIMP" or "What is GIMP?" and see if my article shows up somewhere high on the results page.

What is GIMP (the GIMP)? What Do I Use It For? Where To Go Help/Get Help?

What is GIMP (the GIMP)?

GIMP is an open source image/photo editor.
GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program.
GIMP is used by beginners and professionals as it is open
source and free.
GIMP is available on GNU/Linux, OS X and Microsoft Windows.
You can download GIMP for free from gimp.org

What Do I Use It For?

I personally use it editing my images.
I also write scripts (Python plug-ins) for others to download to use in GIMP.
I am not an artist but I have a lot of fun using GIMP.

GIMP automatically comes along with Ubuntu (Linux) Desktop install.
On my Windows machine (laptop), I just install GIMP myself.

Installing plug-ins in GIMP is really easy. You just toss the plug-ins/scripts
in the appropriate folder and that's it, it's ready to run.

I was taught to use Photoshop in school, but everything you learn in photoshop, you can
easily transfer those skills to GIMP when you're using it.

I also use GIMP for simple photo enhancing operations such as
auto white-balance.

I can't say enough to recommend GIMP to people. It's my go-to program for any photo/image editing.

Where To Go Help/Get Help?

There's also great community support if you don't understand something, just ask.
People are always willing to help.

Here are some places that I go to try to help and get help from:
/r/gimp on reddit.com
gimplearn.net (My forum)

Monday, October 16, 2017

5 eyes (ways of seeing) - Buddhism.

This is English (rough translation) of http://vuonhoaphatgiao.com/tu-dien-phat-hoc/ngu-nhan/

Five eyes
1. Naked eye - can only see things with form can't see when covered or in the dark
2. Eye of Gods - can see near/far things without obstruction like scientific radiographs and magnifying glass
3. Eye of wisdom - can see things without form, no longer deluded by form.
4. Eye of Bodhisattvas - eye of wisdom of Bodhisattvas, see clearly all wordly methods and out of the world methods, no longer falls for wrong path.
5. Eye of Buddha - includes all above eyes, completely clear all over.

Friday, October 6, 2017

phpbb forum: Added Image Search feature to the forum.

On my gimplearn.net phpbb forum, I could search and advance search but it seems you can only select to search in posts' subject/title and/or posts' message.

I wanted the ability to search through image files (via real filenames) as well.
There doesn't seem to be any phpbb extension that does it (or at least I couldn't find it).

So I wrote my custom pages to do it and a table to keep track of image searches that had been performed.

I created a page that you can submit an image search to.
It's located here: https://gimplearn.net/isearch.php (or you can access at the bottom links of any page on the forum)

All that page does is it has a simple form that you can submit a search to.
It then submits to /imagesearch.php with a 'q' GET parameter.
For example, if you search for 'buddha'.
It would submit to https://gimplearn.net/imagesearch.php?q=buddha
Then imagesearch.php would show you the same form again just in case user wanted to search for something else.

imagesearch.php also does the work of showing results (with pagination).
imagesearch.php would also record what 'q' was and save it to my table (of searches that had been performed) and the number of results it found.

Then I have another custom page that shows image searches that had been performed on gimplearn.net.  It's located at https://gimplearn.net/isearches.php.

And that's it.  Now users on my forum can search for images via real filenames of attachments.

For more technical details (code) on how to implement something similar on your phpbb forum, you can go to phpbb Forum: How I added Image Search feature to the forum.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pick 3 Lotto Noodle - Enter phrase, get Lottery Numbers for your pick 3/4/5 games (Javascript Version).

This is a javascript version of the Lotto Noodle app. Specially design for pick 3,4,5 games.
Enter a phrase, and get Pick 3/4/5 Lottery Numbers for it.
Pick 3/4/5:
Enter your phrase (noodle):

Numbers generated are based on current date with hour and phrase (noodle) entered
Output will be shown below:

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Marcie's Pyramid Generator (Javascript Version)

This is a javascript version of Marcie's Pyramid.
Enter a date in the format MMDDYYYY or DDMMYYYY.

Pyramid will be generated below:

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cycle Influence Check

Below is where you enter historical lotto data and then enter a draw number.
Then click "Check" button. And it'll output which draws have influence over the draw that you've entered.
Enter historical lotto numbers here:

Draw Number:
Draw is influenced by draws below:

Monday, September 25, 2017

Some words just don't translate in English.

Some words just don't translate in English using Google Translate.
Like for example in Vietnamese some Buddhist words like:
1) hữu lậu
2) vô lậu
Google translated the first word as illegal, and the second word as smuggled, when they actually don't mean that at all.
These words aren't pure Vietnamese either, they're borrowed Han (Chinese) words which are called Han words in Vietnamese.
The first word means the kind of karma that you gain and then spend/use up for example like giving to the poor is that kind of karma.  You get good karma for giving to the poor but in return, you get financial gains in the future (this life or the next).
The second word means the kind of karma that you gain but cannot use up.  For example, like chanting Amida Buddha's name will get you that kind of karma, that karma stays with you forever.
Or building statues of Buddha gets you that kind of karma.
Anyways, my point is some words just don't translate in English other than having to describe the whole meaning of what the word means.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Merits of chanting Amidha Buddha

Merits of chanting Amidha Buddha
In the third image, it says giving the whole world food and clothing for 3 months has fewer merits than reciting Amidha Buddha's name once.

So let's figure out what the merits of chanting Amidha Buddha's name once are roughly equal to.
3 months < 1/16 recitation
48 months < 1 recitation
4 years < 1 recitation
So there we have it: reciting Amidha Buddha's name once has more merits than giving the whole world food for 4 years.
That's very good karma.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Choosing lottery numbers by rotation method

Another possible interesting way to play the lottery is by rotating previous draw(s).

Here's how:
If we're playing Lottery 6/49: the max number is 49.
We will rotate/shift each number by the same amount that each number indicates.

For example:
If the number is 2 we rotate it by 2 so it's 4 (2 + 2).
If the number is 45 we rotate it by 45 so it's 41 (45 + 45 = 90, it's greater than our max 49, so we mod it 90 by 49 to get 41).

We do this for every number of the previous draw and we'll get a new set of numbers to play.
If we happen to get duplicates in our rotated numbers, we can just rotate it again.

So in our example.
2 will give us 6 because 2 + 2 + 2 = 6.
45 will give us 37 because 45 + 45 + 45 = 135 and 135 mod 49 = 37.

So here's a javascript program that will rotate numbers for you.

Enter numbers separated by hyphens(-) or spaces:
Previous winning numbers 
Maximum number 
Rotated numbers will be generated below:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Lottery Pyramid Builder

This method is an interesting one to choose lottery numbers from
(originally posted by flossdog on lotterypost.com).

flossdog has decribed in details on how to build the pyramid and how to to choose numbers from it in the very first post.

I thought I would write a Lottery Pyramid Builder (in javascript).of described method for people to quickly access and not have to do the manual tedious steps of building the pyramid.
So here it is:

Enter numbers separated by hyphens(-) or spaces:

Pyramid will be generated below:

Fight for Maximum Wage

A friend of mine posted on facebook saying instead of fighting for minimum wage, we should fight for a maximum wage.

I thought it was an interesting idea so I asked how much should maximum wage be?
He posted saying let's say $200,000/year.

I thought that was decent but I didn't know how decent that actually is until I calculated into an hourly wage.

$200,000/year works out to be $96.15/hr.
If they take 2 weeks of vacation per year, then it's like making exactly $100/hr per working during the year.

That's plenty, that's like getting paid $22.81/hr every hour during the year (yes, even when they sleep).  It's equivalent to getting paid $34.22/hr every hour during the year while awake (if they sleep 8hrs a day).

So what are your thoughts on a maximum wage? Should there be one? And if so, how much should it be?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to win the lottery everytime

Every month, people search for "lottery" and related keywords anywhere from 100 million times to 1 billion times (according to Google keyword planner).

Everyone who plays the lottery wants to win.  It's a fact.

Statistically, your odds of losing is always higher than your odds of winning.
The longer you play, the more this statistic will apply to you.
So in the longer term, the money you lose will always be greater than the money you win.
But that's no reason to stop playing the lottery.

It's a game and it's supposed to be fun!
If you don't play, you're guaranteed to never win.

So, what's the secret to winning every time?
Often people are so obsessed with winning that they feel a little disappointed when they lose.
But based on statistics, you're bound to get more disappointments if you keep your attitude so obsessed with winning.

But there's no rule that says you must be disappointed and unhappy.
So, here's the secret to winning every time (or at least feel like you're winning):
Instead of keeping track of money you've lost playing the lottery, see it as a contribution to make someone a millionaire.
While this seems simple, it'll change your attitude drastically and make you much happier playing the lottery.

If you play the lottery once or twice a week, instead of being disappointed once or twice a week, you now focus your attention on the amount you've contributed to help make someone else a millionaire and be happy in that fact.

When you win, you'll still win and be happy just the same.  But when you lose, you don't see that money as a lost but a gain in someone's winning.

You know how there are lotteries for Children's hospitals where they advertise that even if you lose, you'll be happy knowing that that money has gone to help Children's hospitals.  Giving to charity makes people feel happy and they should feel so because they're helping someone. Well, there's nothing stopping you from feeling happy about the fact that your money has gone to help make someone else a millionaire.

If you change your viewpoint and see the money you spend on lotteries as money to go help someone else, you'll also change your whole being.  Because each time you lose, you don't get disappointed (which is a selfish view), instead, you feel happy knowing it contributed to someone's winning (a less selfish view).  This changes you.  Your thought processes changes.  And your thoughts change your reality.

You'll still play the lottery as usual, but your happiness level goes up.
If you're happy when you win, and you're also happy when you lose, then is it really losing? No, absolutely not and that is how you'll feel like a winner every time you play.

So next time you don't win the lottery, instead of saying to yourself "I lost", say "I have contributed to other people's happiness in winning".

Be happy next time you lose the lottery.  Enjoy the game.

Like this post or share it so other fellow lottery players too can have a chance at feeling happy next time they lost playing the lottery.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Adsense Calculator

Page Views/Cent Avg.: 
Page Views: 
Target Dollar Amount: 
Page Views You Need: 

6.67 Page Views/Cent Average is based on Adsense earnings in an 82 day period (earnings in 82 days divided by the amount earned in 82 days, then divide that by 100) of my actual earnings.

Adsense earnings

Scroll down to the bottom for an interesting "Adsense earnings" table.
adsense earnings over 82 days
Adsense earnings over 82 days (Click to see large version)
In a period of 82 days (From July 1, 2017 to September 20, 2017);
I have 5,657 page views and earned a total of $8.48.

That's about 10 cents a day (10.34 cents to be exact) with average of 68.98 page views.

So I wonder what I would need to make $100 a day (not that I think I'll ever make that much but it's fun to see numbers).

Let's calculate that and assume that averages stay the same.
We take $100 (per day), divide it by $0.1034 (per day), we get 966.98 times.
Then we take that multiply by number of page-views per day (68.98), we get 66,709.90 page views.
So I would need to get about 66,710 page views a day in order to make $100 a day.

Based on the above numbers (average) let's create a useful chart to see how much we'd make for different numbers of page-views.

Adsense earnings table
Page views per dayEarnings per day*
*Actual results may vary, as I based these numbers on my average earnings in 82 days. I noticed the Cost-per-click dramatically changes. Some days I have 2 clicks and make $0.02 (2 cents). Other days, a single click makes $1.80 or $2.96. Those numbers can really change your average(s).
So only use this chart as a guide/estimation. One thing is for sure, if you get 1 million page views a day, even if you made 10 times less it's still $150/day and that's very good but I doubt you'll make 10 times less.
You also might be interested in my Adsense Calculator Where you can enter your own Page Views/Cent Average rate and calculate dollar amount earnings by entering number of Page Views or Find out how many page views you need by entering Target dollar amount.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Popular Shows and their monthly and daily number of searches

Here we have some popular Shows and their monthly and daily number of searches.

ShowAvg. monthly searchesAvg. daily searches
game of thrones2,240,00074,667
big bang theory673,00022,433
big brother450,00015,000
dr phil201,0006,700
judge judy110,0003,667
master chef33,1001,103
the social5,400180
stranger things88029
Total of above shows4,179,380139,313

Data collected on Sept 19, 2017, using searchvolume.io (monthly).
Daily numbers are calculated to estimate using a 30 days/month period.

"Powerball" related searches monthly

Here are "Powerball" and "Powerball" related keywords searches monthly and daily.

KeywordAvg. monthly searchesAvg. daily searches
powerball winning numbers3,350,000111,667
mega millions1,830,00061,000
powerball numbers1,500,00050,000
ny lottery1,500,00050,000
pa lottery1,220,00040,667
ohio lottery1,220,00040,667
ca lottery823,00027,433
mass lottery823,00027,433
florida lotto823,00027,433
md lottery550,00018,333
tn lottery301,00010,033
powerball results110,0003,667
lotto results40,5001,350
Total of above keywords21,234,500707,817

Data collected on Sept 19, 2017, using searchvolume.io (monthly).
Daily numbers are calculated to estimate using 30 days/month period.

"GIMP" searches done monthly

Here are some keywords related to GIMP and their average monthly and daily searches.

KeywordAvg. monthly searchesAvg. daily searches
gimp download27,100903
gimp for mac12,100403
the gimp4,400147
gimp definition4,400147
gimp mask3,600120
gimp photo editor3,600120
gimp 22,90097
gimp mac2,90097
gimp tutorial1,30043
gimp online1,00033
gimp portable1,00033
gimp download windows1,00033
gimp meaning88029
gimp review72024
gimp layers32011
gimp tutorial pdf1405
Total of above keywords269,0808,969

Data collected on Sept 19, 20017 using searchvolume.io (monthly).
Daily is calculated estimation using 30 day period/month.

GIMP forums stat comparison

Data collected on September 19, 2017

 Site  Posts  Users   Posts/User  Topics/User  Posts/Topic Status

Topics/User and Posts/Topic averages collected on Sept 22, 2017.

Infographic of active forums of above numbers:

Monday, September 18, 2017

Your odds of winning the Lotto Max (graphically)

After doing a graphical diagram for Your odds of winning the Powerball
I thought I would do one for Canadian Lotto Max as well.
According to the Lottomax Numbers website, your odds of winning the Lotto Max Jackpot is 1 in 28,633,528.

So, we start our by drawing an image 100 x 100 (100 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height)
If we zoom into a single pixel 50 times we have an image of 50 x 50.
If we then zoom into a single pixel of that 50 x 50 image 1.07 times and draw a 1 x 1 green square.
That is our odds of winning the Lotto Max Jackpot Prize.

Here's the graphical representation of that.  Enjoy.
Your odds of winning the Lotto Max Jackpot Prize
It's a lot easier to win the Canadian Lotto Max then it is to win the Powerball, about 10 times easier (So your odds of winning the Powerball is like winning the Lotto Max 10 times) Which kind of makes sense since the Population of the United States is about 10 times the Population of Canada.

Your odds of winning the powerball (graphically)

Shown on powerball.com website, your odds of winning the jackpot prize is 1 in 292,201,338.
That's such a huge number.
I am interested in seeing graphical representations because it helps me digest/absorb the information from such a large number.

Imagine that you have a square image of dimensions 100 x 100 (100 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height).
Now we pick one pixel and zoom in 100 times so that we get another image of 100 x 100.
Now we pick one pixel from that image and zoom in 1.7 times so that we have an area that is 1.7 x 1.7, now we draw a green 1 x 1 of that 1.7 x 1.7.  That is the odds of you winning the jackpot prize.
So now I am gonna show you what that looks like graphically.  Enjoy.
Your odds of winning the Powerball Jackpot Prize
If you're Canadian, you might be interested in Your odds of Winning the Lotto Max (graphically).

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Should I Save Searches performed on my forum?

Okay, so I have a phpbb forum at gimplearn.net
It has content but maybe not enough content.

Users might find the forum and then perform searches.
If they find what they're looking for from organic searches from search engines... Great!
If not once they're on the forum, they can perform searches; If they find it there... Good!
However, what if they don't find what they're looking for through forum searches? They'll go somewhere else... This is unwanted.

So, how do we improve this process over time?
I have decided that it is crucial to save the searches performed on forum.
That way, I have a list of keywords to examine.

Knowing which keywords are popularly searched on forum is good for people want to ask/answer questions as well as tutorial creators.

For example: If users knew that "Polygon art" is searched for the most on the forum, and there isn't enough topics related to this keyword, we're able to make some and prevent us from disappointing future users.

So, I'd like to share that list (recorded since Sept 16, 2017) of keywords searched for on gimplearn.net here: gimplearn.net/searches.php

How I did this in phpbb

Buy the Nintendo Switch System for $300.

You are now a proud owner of the Nintendo Switch System.
You have $700 left.
What do you do?

A) Buy the "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" multi-player game for $60.
B) Buy the "Legend of Zelda" single player game for $60.

Restart game

Buy the "Legend of Zelda" single player game for $60.

You are now a proud owner of the "Legend of Zelda" single player game.
You have $640 left.
You play the game for about a week, having a blast. You finally beat the game.
What do you do?

A) Call your best friend(Tom) and tell him how awesome the game was.
B) Invite your best friend(Tom) over surprize him with the game.

Restart game

Invite your best friend(Tom) over surprise him with the game.

Tom comes over.  Tries out the game and loves it.
You two order pizza and drinks and spend some time together talking about the game.

Restart game

Call your best friend(Tom) and tell him how awesome the game was.

Tom doesn't have the Nintendo Switch.
Tom asks you if he can borrow the System and the game for a week or so he can play it too.
What do you do?

A) You lend the system and the game to Tom.
B) Telling Tom that if Tom wants to play he has to come over and play it at your house.

Restart game

Buy the "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" multi-player game for $60.

You are now a proud owner of the "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" multi-player game.
You have $640 left.
You don't have a smartphone.  So you use the home phone to call your best friend (Tom).
You tell Tom about how exciting the game is.
What do you do?

A) Invite Tom over to play with you.
B) Not invite Tom over yet, because you want to beat it in single player mode first.

Restart game

Not invite Tom over yet, because you want to beat it in single player mode first.

So you play for a few days by yourself and you finally beat the game.  You now invite Tom over on the weekends.
You and Tom spend many weekends playing the game and enjoy pizzas because you have $640 to spend for weeks to come.

Restart game

Invite Tom over to play with you.

Tom comes over and enjoys playing multiplayer mode with you.
Tom had so much fun.  Tom asks if Amy can come over and play too.
What do you do?

A) Tell Tom that you don't like Amy.
B) Tell Tom that it's okay if Amy comes over too.

Restart game

Buy the Iphone 10 for $1000.

You are now a proud owner of the Iphone 10.  You're the first one in your class to own it.
Your friends are envious.
You show your friends how cool it is to turn your phone on.
You just put it up near your face and it turns on.

One late afternoon, you also discover the animated emoji feature.
What do you do?

A) Start texting your best friend (Tom) with the animated emoji.
B) Don't bother with the animated emoji.

Restart game

Start texting your best friend (Tom) with the animated emoji.

Tom is very impressed with the animated emoji. He texts you telling you how cool it is.  Too bad, he doesn't have the Iphone 10; so he can't reply with animated emoji as well.  Tom also texts you and ask if you want to go out with him and Amy to a local pizzaria.

Sadly, you can't go because you've got no money left to spend.
What do you do?

A) Keep texting Tom and ask how the evening is going with animated emojis.
B) Shut off the phone and go to bed.

Restart game

Don't bother with the animated emoji.

After spending quite a few times turning your phone on with the face recognition feature, you get used to it and wonder why you paid $1000 for a smartphone.
You regret your decision.

Restart game

Shut off the phone and go to bed.

You go to bed, excited about the future text messages that you'll send with all the animated emojis.
Next morning, what do you do?

A) Text Tom with animated emoji saying "Good morning!".
B) Text Tom with a regular text asking if Tom wants to see another animated emoji.

Restart game

Keep texting Tom and ask how the evening is going with animated emojis.

Tom replies and says the evening is going great. He is sorry that you are unable to join them.
You shut off your phone and go to bed.
2 months pass. One day, Tom texts you: "Hey look who's got animated emoji?" with an animated emoji.
Oh What? Tom got the Iphone 10 too?
What do you do?

A) You text back with an animated emoji congratulating Tom on getting the Iphone 10.
B) You text back teasing Tom that he's a copy-cat because he got the Iphone 10.

Restart game

Telling Tom that if Tom wants to play he has to come over and play it at your house.

Tom agrees to come over to play the game at your place.
You watch Tom play and you sometimes tell Tom what to do in the game since you've already beaten it.
You two have a blast.

Restart game

You lend the system and the game to Tom.

Tom thanks you.  After a week, Tom has beaten the game too.  And you two have plenty to talk about now that you've both have beaten the game.

Restart game

Tell Tom that it's okay if Amy comes over too.

Amy comes over, and you three have a blast with the game.  You order pizzas and drinks and play for hours.
You invite them over every weekend to play for weeks to come because you have $640 to spend.

Restart game

Tell Tom that you don't like Amy.

Tom still comes over to play with you but Tom doesn't come as often because he also spends time to hang out with Amy.
You finally come to accept that Tom really likes Amy and so you invite Amy over one weekend too and all three of you have a blast playing the game.

You three eat pizzas, drink pop and have a good time.
You start to get used to having Amy around and befriend her too.

Restart game

Text Tom with a regular text asking if Tom wants to see another animated emoji.

Tom texts: "Sure".  So you send him an animated emoji.
You continue to use the animated emoji here and there for about 2 months.
Then you use it less often, because the novelty has worn off.
It feels like a regular phone now.

Restart game

Text Tom with animated emoji saying "Good morning!".

Tom texts: "Cool".
You enjoy the animated emoji for about 2 months.
Then it starts to feel like a regular phone now.

Restart game

You text back teasing Tom that he's a copy-cat because he got the Iphone 10.

Tom takes the tease well and says now you and him are like Iphone 10 buddies.
1 month pass. You and Tom don't use the animated emojis as often.
It feels like a regular phone now.

You text back with an animated emoji congratulating Tom on getting the Iphone 10.

Tom thanks you.
1 month pass. The animated emojis is just like emojis to you now. Tom has it, you have it and it's not a big deal anymore.
It feels like a regular phone now.
The End.

Restart game

"Iphone 10 or Not" Choose your own adventure game

It's your 13th birthday, and your aunt gifted you $1000.
What do you do?

A) Buy the Iphone 10 for $1000.
B) Buy the Nintendo Switch System for $300.

Friday, September 15, 2017

One of the things I do when I am bored

The other day, I was outside in my backyard.
And I thought "Hey why not shoot a couple of photos".
So I did, I ran upstairs to my bedroom to get my point and shoot camera.
On the way downstairs, I opened the camera to make sure the SD memory card is in there as I often forget and leave the card plugged into my laptop.
The card was in there so I didn't have to make a trip back to my bedroom (not that it's a big deal); so I was loaded and ready.
I went out to my backyard, first I shot a couple of photos of roses

Then I shot a couple of shots of the cherry tomato (singular).

I also took a couple shots of my mom's fish mint plants.

And the last shot I took was of the blackberries.

I think it was worth the effort.
I also shared full resolution versions of these images as public domain images -> here

After sharing them on my forum, I got a member excited about sharing public domain images and he started to share some of his and his friend's too of South Dakota; So I think that's great.

PS: Nice, this post actually has more to do with this blog's name "flower2fruit" than other posts. Just an after thought.

Baldness is cool too

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that his little girl says that some boys at school don't like her because she has no hair.

Little kids don't know enough yet that it's cool to be bald too.

If I was a teacher at that school (or one of their parents), I'd tell the kids that Buddhist monks and nuns have no hair and it's perfectly fine.

Here are a few names of TV actors/actress/sports stars that have been bald and cool:
Andre Agassi
Steve Austin
Vin Diesel
Mahatma Gandhi
Steve Harvey
Samuel L. Jackson
Ben Kingsley
Hulk Hogan
John Malkovich
Howie Mandel
Demi Moore
Natalie Portman
Michael Rosenbaum
Damon Wayans
Sigourney Weaver
Montel Williams

The Iphone 10, Would I get it?

The price is outrages! $1000?
The most advertised feature on it is the animated emojis.

Maybe Apple has calculated the numbers of people willing to spend that much money on a phone and know that even if the number of buyers go down, at that price, they'll make it all back;  But that's for Apple to figure out.

For me, I think about what I could with a thousand dollars.

Personally, with a thousand dollars, I'd rather buy a laptop.  To me, a laptop has way more uses.
A laptop has a full keyboard.  I have always preferred typing on a keyboard than 1 or 2 finger action on the touch screen.  Maybe that's the reason why i don't have a cell phone.  I could never justify paying for a phone that costs more than a laptop.  But I don't know what happened, I didn't have a cell phone for a couple of years and then the price of cellphones (smart phones) started going up beyond my expectation. And now i choose not to spend money on cellphones.

And a laptop doesn't cost $1000! I could still have extra money left over.  Maybe I'll even donate some money to the Red Cross and feel good about the fact that I've helped people.  I could buy a video game console system; I haven't played a video game console in like a decade or more.

Speaking of video game consoles, I just looked up Nintendo Switch System and it's like $300.  So I could get a laptop, a Nintendo Switch a a few games for it and probably still have money left over from $1000.  I can almost be certain that a Nintendo Switch System is going to provide me (or you) more entertainment than any animated emojis can.

That's just my personal opinion when i think about what i can get with $1000 if given that i would spend that on technological toys.

Of course, you could be really rich and be able to afford all of them at once like getting a new laptop and a Nintendo Switch and an Iphone 10 and it doesn't put a dent in your pocket.  Or if you're super crazy about animated emojis and it's a must have for you then I guess you could justify paying $1000 for it.

However, on the advertisement posted on the Verge on Facebook, you're limited to 12 animated emojis.  If you want that kind of stuff, I can imagine something more entertainment though.  Like if they generated a Pixar 3D model looking image of you and animated that;  that would be cooler than preset 12 possible emojis.  Maybe because i can imagine something that is more entertaining to me that it's stopping me from justifying the price of Iphone 10.

If you buy it though, make sure you use the heck out of the animated emojis feature..Make your money worth, you paid for it.

PS: Also animated emojis just about a few months after the release of the animated 3D "Emoji" movie? Is there secret mind control of the masses process that I don't know about? hehe.

PS: Update I just saw on the news that they said another feature of the Iphone 10 is the face recognition feature.  It has no home button.  And it can see in the dark.  You just hold the phone up if it sees your face it turns on.  Okay, this feature is cool but I still don't think $1000 is justified.

PPS: I thought I would make a little "Choose Your Own Adventure" game about the getting the Iphone 10 or not so teenagers (or adults) can explore the different paths.
Here is the game -> "Iphone 10 or not" Choose Your Own Adventure game.
Share this game with your friend(s) so they too can have a chance to play out the different decisions and brainstorm before making this big Iphone 10 purchase.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why blogging is for everyone

Back in the day before blogging existed when writing of articles mostly only appeared in papers or magazines, writing an article was more risky.
You had to be really good or your article will fail badly and it's stuck to your name and you won't be able to write for anyone.  You were penalized for your bad writing and there was likely no second chances.

Now with blogging, anyone can start writing about any topics they like.  There's virtually no risk and all the more to gain.  First and foremost, even if you write bad articles, you won't be told to stop writing (well, you could still be told to stop but you don't have to listen to them).  And because you're not writing for a paper or magazine, you're not limited to a certain subject/topic.  You can write, write and write and practice away.  Blogging is like a playground for writers at any experience level.

Back then, you couldn't write 100 articles (or more) and let it take on its own life on the internet and see which one does good/bad and realize your potential.  But with blogging you can just write 100 or more articles.  Let the bad ones that are rarely read get pushed down lower on search engine results.  Let the good ones float up to the top.  It's like being able to write for 100 different magazines and the bad ones have less of a dramatic affect as back then. The good ones that stand out will make you a winner.

Also with live feed back from internet, you'll get to see what the internet audience likes and dislikes.

Blogging gives more options these days.  Back then you were either making a living from writing or you had no reason to write.  But with blogging, you can be super famous blogger that makes a living or just a hobbyist blogger that can earn spare change from google ads.

It's true that there is a lot of competition, but when is there isn't any competition?!.  And with blogging you have all the opportunity in the world to practice.

Your good writing will surface to the top and be found and read by the internet.

Why writing and story telling (movies) will always be in demand

It boils down to simple supply and demand.

When was the last time that you or your friend wrote a book?
Or made a movie? Or wrote a song?
But they sure read books or watch movies, or listen to music weekly (if not daily).
More people will read and go to movies and listen to music than people who write, make movies and write songs.
Even though I am not a big reader, most of my reading is on the internet.
But I sure absorb more than i produce.
So supply is always low compared to demand.

Most people think they're bad writers and can't write so will not write.
But reality is, because they haven't had much practice.  They've had a lot of practice in absorbing the writing through reading.
So they get really good at judging what's a good read and what's not but when it comes time to write, they're not so good like me.
Could you imagine how good we'd be if you wrote as much as we read?
We'd have much more practice then.

So after thinking about this supply and demand, I have decided that I should write more.
Even if it sucked, I'll write because I am sure i have came across some sucky writings too but i still read them.
I'll try to even out my reading and writing.

And because this is a blog, some pieces will be better than others.  We'll let google and the internet decide over time which is
good writing and which is bad writing.  The bad pieces will just get pushed to the bottom of the pile and seen less.
But if there's ever decent piece, it'll float to the top.  That's the power of the internet.  You have a wide audience who are also
judges of your pieces.  Their actions, whether they navigate away from your piece or get sucked in will help rank the pieces of
writing overtime.

So I encourage you to write more, even if it's just for fun.

PS: This article ignores the fact that when Artificial Intelligence start producing creative pieces better than a human can, then human
made articles won't be in demand anymore.

Or maybe then, we'd label them "Human made" to make them like how "Hand made" is used now
where we still value "Human made" pieces of writing.

PPS: This article was "Human made" :D.

Street Fighter 2, A gamer's dream.

First, I saw Street Fighter at the arcade during the Calgary Stampede.
It was the very first fighting game I saw that had projectiles such as fireballs and sonic booms.
The first character you could pick was Ryu so naturally, I would pick Ryu.
At first, the fireball was a secret and it came out by fluke when you'd smash the punch buttons and moving the joystick.
We weren't sure of the motion to do in order to make the fireball came out but we knew it was a tricky move.

Then when the Calgary Stampede was over, the game came to the local convenience store near our school.
It wasn't that near; it was about 5 bus-stops away.
But every lunch, we'd take the bus to the store to play the game and after school, we'd stop there too.
Then came the video magazines that would reveal how to do the fireball and the sonic booms.
And the spin kick and the Dragon Punch.
The dragon punch was the hardest to execute but it was definitely worth the practice since it can defeat any move in the game.
The battles were epic.

Then the game was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
My friend would rent the game and play until his hand got blisters.
I bought the game and I would stay up late at night and wake up early to play.
It was such a great feeling having the game at home available anytime.
I would go over to my friend's house, we'd play in his basement.
We even had battles where if one person loses, he must do 10 push-ups.
We were young and didn't have much muscle so a push-up wasn't that hard because we're that heavy.
My friend would break numerous controllers as he loses.
Some days, as I leave his house, we'd still be angry at each other over the game.
I started developing a habit of slapping my hand really hard on the basement carpet floor whenever I lost at home.
Then one day, my grandmother had enough of that and yelled at me from upstairs and so the floor slapping stopped.
But the real good players existed down in ChinaTown.

Every weekend, my uncle would take me down to ChinaTown, where he can hang out with his friend at the video store and I would
hang out by the arcade machines.  Chinatown only had 3 games, Street Fighter, Rygar, and Tetris.  Later, they replaced Rygar
with SkyShark.  But what's important was Street Fighter.
Down in Chinatown, I wouldn't play but watched older guys play.  They were really good.
They could beat the game easily with one credit (quarter).  They knew weird tricks such as Guile's freezing the opponent and
unfreezing the opponent.  Also Guile's magic throw, where it looks like Guile was doing a bunch of jabs then he'd do the throwing
motion and the other play would be tossed even though they're nowhere near Guile.
Those were crazy tricks that were not documented in video game magazines (at least not back then).
So I would watch my weekends away.

Then there was a period of time when my friend and I learned that you could trap M.Bison's head like in Ken's spin kick,
which would make him fall down and make him dizzy.
We got hooked doing that for a long while.
Then we discovered Street Fighter Alpha (home version) where you could unlock a feature and play in team mode where we'd pick
Ken and Ryu at the same time verses M.Bison.  If we timed our moves right we would get like 30+ hit combos.
It was so much fun trapping M.Bison.  You could say we bullied him in the game, but M.Bison is evil and he must be punished.

The game was such a big part of my childhood.
That game was the game that every other fighting game from then on was compared to.
Since that game, fighting games (one on one fighting games) couldn't get away with a single punch and/or single kick moves anymore.
The game had set a standard and raised everyone's expectations.
Time has passed... and I now don't own any game systems.
But I still have fond memories of Street Fighter 2.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

I really happy with this piece of art

Just did this piece today.
I used a source image found -> here.
It's a Public Domain Image, but I donated the artist of original PDI image 1 USD.
Hopefully, this piece sells on FineArtAmerica.  If it does sell i am gonna go back and donate some back to original PDI.

  Sell Art Online

How many inspirational quotes do you have to see before you're inspired?

The answer is I don't know but I don't think 10 inspirational quotes posting a day make you anymore inspired than a regular person.
Some of my friends on facebook OVERLY post many inspirational quotes.

So many that I often just skim over them and they have no effect on me what-so-ever.
I have became immune from inspirational quotes.

I remember before the days of the internet.  I would run into an inspirational quote like maybe once a year in a book or something and it made me think.

Now I see so many they have no effect on me now.
I might have became less inspired and even avoid to read them.

I think with inspirational quotes, LESS is MORE.
They occur as often as cat videos/images if not more.

I am guilty of sharing cat videos/images and/or cute/funny animals just like any other person. 

Hmmm... maybe that's why people rarely likes my posts because maybe to them they're like inspirational quotes to me.

/Rant over/

Purpose of rant: I wish to see less inspirational quotes in my life.

Friday, September 8, 2017

A Members Links Page

A member's links page is dedicated to showing members who have links to share on gimplearn.net.
The page is simple and doesn't have another other info other than a members names and members links next to the name.
It's so people can quickly look up what members links have to share.
It's simple but it's to the point no other noise like the members list page which list many other things.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Show Watermarked version of images to try to take over the world.

In effort of trying to "Take over the World!", we've added link to Watermarked version and Thumbnail version of image attachments.

The watermarked version shall penetrate the world-wide-web and help us take over the world.

More details about this posted here -> Watermarked and Thumbnail version of image attachments
where you can see (Water | Thumb) at bottom of sample image attachment.

If you click Water, you'll be taken to Watermarked version of the image.
Similarly if you click Thumb, you'll be taken to Thumbnail version of the image.

One day soon, everyone will know about GIMP and gimplearn.net

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Our gimplearn.net forum might be very user-friendly to photographers

Hobbyist photographers often like to share their images.
Our forum gimplearn.net, might be very user-friendly for that now 
that we have showcase and slide-show feature.

Members can post images (mixture of text and images) as regular forum posts and have conversation going on like usual; But internet-users who click to see showcase they can see member specific or topic specific showcase of the images posted by member or in topic.

Also the Slide-Show feature is very nice for users who just want to view a graphical slide show of a member's image postings, a topic's image postings or a forum wide image postings.

Hopefully these features will attract hobbyist photographers as well as people who are interested in learning/teaching GIMP.

Here are some sample showcases and sample slide-shows:

Members don't have to do anything extra, they just attach images as regular forum attachments, the Showcase and SlideShow features are automatic for all topics/members.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Showcase of member/topic images on PHPBB forum

On my gimplearn.net forum site, I have added a nice and friendly feature: Member and Topic showcase of images.

While viewing any topic, you can click on "View Showcase" (located at end of Topic Title), it'll take you to a showcase page that shows all image attachments posted in that topic.

Here's a sample of Topic Showcase of one of our members: Ella's Gallery

While viewing a topic, under each avatar (of the poster), you'll see a link after Showcase: that says "View" (Also available while viewing a member's profile).  You can click on that and it'll also take you to a showcase page that shows all image attachments posted by that member.

Here's a sample of Member Showcase of one of our members: Showcase of animicule

The showcase pages are paginated, and you can also switch order between "Newest to Oldest" or "Descending Likes"

Each image in the showcase links to the post that the image was posted on.  And below each image is the member's name that posted that image and is clickable which takes you to their profile.

I am very happy with this Showcase Feature and other members in the forum have expressed their liking as well.

I hope you check it out and see.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How I promote my website for free.

We have on going construction near where we park so we decided to leave our car dusty until construction is finished (Which might take a long time).
While hanging outside near the back of my car (smoking), I noticed how dusty the car really is and thought hey here's an opportunity for me to doodle something.
And since my gimplearn.net forum has been on my mind lately, I doodled GL and gimplearn.net and was still bored so I doodled duckduckgo.com as well since i like using that search engine lately.
Here's a photo of the back of my car with the doodled promotion.
here's a reshoot when the sun is at better angle.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Switched to use duckduckgo.com instead of google.ca/google.com

A couple of days ago, I did some searches on google.
Then later when i was on facebook i saw ads that were related to my previous searches on google.
I felt like i was stuck in a bubble, where i am bombarded with ads (even though they were related to my searches).  Bombarded enough and it'll influence you i think.
I didn't want to feel like i was stuck in this bubble anymore.
So a friend suggested duckduckgo.com which doesn't keep track of your search data.
So I switched to it.
Now that i switched I like duckduckgo.com more because it shows search results in one continuous page that loads on demand (as you scroll down to them).  No need to switch pages of results.
Also i noticed google gives you different results depending on if you're logged in to google account or not and I didn't like that either.  I prefer to to see same searched results based on my search phrase not based on my habits.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017

phpbb show forum-image/icon on viewforum and viewtopic page.

I made changes to my phpbb.
I wanted to show forum-image (forum icon) in front of forum title on view forum page.
I did that change here: https://www.gimplearn.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=861

Then after that I thought to keep it consistent, i should show forum-image (forum icon) in front of topic title as well to show which forum the topic belongs to.
So I did a similar change described here: https://www.gimplearn.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=862

That's all for now.  Now I am happy because people can look around and get used to seeing which forum icon it represents.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Download positive vibes to your computer

by letting your computer listen to network chants
Whatever good chants others are chanting at the time will be sent down the pipe to your computer.
So that it can create positive vibe.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Philosophical Hypothesis for my Official Network Chant site.

Upon some hypotheses, beliefs, I came up with NetworkChant.com.

Photons behave differently depending if we observe them or not (from the double slit experiment and modified version of the double slit experiment).  Therefore, I am leaning towards Ben Goertzel's view of that which each atom could have its own consciousness.

Positive/negative words/phrases/sentences have positive/negative effect on water molecules based on Dr. Emoto's water experiments.  So extending on that, I would make the assumption that words have effect on all matter (which might not be measurable all the time).

Some Buddhist temples leave an audio player playing Buddhist chants even when no one is present.  Their belief is that the chant will attract and convert friendly ghosts/spirits and plant seeds of enlightenment in their Alaya (eighth consciousness).  And keep evil ghosts/spirits away. So if we take this belief to heart, we can say that ghosts/spirits exist all around us.

This next one is my personal belief, is that if spirits/ghosts do exists, they must not be limited to brain power so they understand more than we do or at least as much as we alive humans do.

Next assumption is that any words/phrases/sentences (intentions) is understood by ghosts spirits.  Your intentions have an influence on nearby spirits/ghosts and vice versa, intentions of ghosts/spirits nearby you may influence your intentions.

Now with all these assumptions/hypothesis/beliefs in mind.  We can move on to NetworkChant.com.

You simple write a message/chant to submit the site networkchant.com.  The site will receive the message, writes it to database on server and keeps count of how many times that message has been received and returns a page that auto submits after 1 second again.   And the process repeats.

The hypothesis here is that like the Dr. Emoto's water experiment, the message has meaning and intention.  It is then sent back and forth between your computer and the site and the different intermediate internet hubs that it has to go through.  So any physical matter like water or ghost/spirits that are present along the route of data transfer can easily intercept the signals and makes sense of it, understand it and be influenced by the messages.

My bigger hypothesis here is that because ghosts and spirits can understand the messages, it's like planting seeds in their Alaya (eighth consciousness), they will have similar intentions and can influence people who are present nearby.

So the final hypothesis, is that something like crime rate would reduce where these internet routes are present.  That's my hope anyways.

Send out a chant of "Peace" for example and more ghosts/spirits and people will think of "Peace" near these internet connections/hubs.

To End this Post: I'll just shout out "World PEACE Everyone!"