Saturday, February 18, 2017

You can help design banners and contribute to our forum

You can help us design banners to contribute to our GIMP LEARN forum (GIMP forum).
Banners we have so far (contributed by members)
We rotate our banners randomly to keep the site looking fresh and fun.
You can help contribute by submitted to this thread

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are you an artist? Wanna help us donate to World Vision without spending any money?

You're an artist!
Mostly likely you're poor and can't really afford to give to charities.
Share your artwork on our "The Arts forum(s)"
Your artwork doesn't have to be high-res when you submit with us.  It can just be low-res version and you can optionally post a link to where your artwork is being sold (online).
We will feature 30 latest posts with images on our forum(s) on the filmstrip so others can easily see latest works.
You don't have to spend a penny and will still help us donate to World Vision.
How it works is as you share you artwork(s) on our forum(s), it'll attract more viewers to our site.
And we make some money through ads shown to non-registered visitors.
With this ads money, we'll donate 50% (or more) to World Vision.
So, it's win, win.  You get to expose people to your work and indirectly help us donate to World Vision.
Thank you for reading.

Initial/Previous donations that we've made
We donate about about 1 cent per 37.4 Unique visitors

Friday, February 10, 2017

How you can help World Vision Canada for free.

Easy, just visit our GIMP LEARN forum.

See link for more details.  There is no deadline. It's on-going.

While you're there, browse around or sign up to become a member of our forum, if you're interested in GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

When you become a member and contribute to forum's content, you actively indirectly help us attract more visitors to our page and so indirectly help World Vision at no cost to you.

In "Anything goes" forum, you can start a thread about anything you'd like as it is an "Anything goes" forum.
If not just browse around, and see what interests you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How to change brush spacing in GIMP

Even though i have used GIMP for more than 5 years, sometimes i follow tutorials that say change brush spacing, and i get confused sometimes because I find the brush spacing locked (grayed out), not editable.
So here's how you change brush spacing --> How to change brush spacing in GIMP.
The guide shows you graphically where/what to do to change brush spacing in GIMP.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

My plan of moving on up the Alexa ranking system.

I am guessing that alexa ranking is based on many factors.
One of which is probably the number of in links to your website.
I have a forum called GIMP LEARN forum Where we can learn from each other (about GIMP [GNU Image Manipulation Program]).
And I have members actively contributing by posting GIMP tutorials and/or following the tutorials and share their work on the forum.
So my big plan to move up Alexa ranking system is that any time, a new tutorial is posted, I share that to my GIMP LEARN forum facebook page, and make a short post of it on this blog.
Hopefully, that will add relevant links to the forum and help me move up higher on the Alexa ranking system.
Wish me luck, peeps.

"Paint Nighters" needed.

"Paint Nite" or "Paint Nighters" needed.
We have a brand new sub forum that needs to filled with content of "Paint Nite" works shared and enjoyed by others.
Please visit GIMP LEARN forum, where you can contribute by sharing your "Paint Nite" works to the sub forum Forums < The Arts < Paint Nite
Share your work online for millions to see (well not millions because our forum is new, but hopefully over time numbers will reach millions).
When you share your work on GIMP LEARN forum, other members that use GIMP might like to play with your work and come out with different twists of your art work.
It'll be fun to see.
Sign up/Register and become a member of GIMP LEARN forum today.  It's free to join.

How to become an Alexa rating junkie

This is a "how to become an Alexa rating junkie" guide.
It might provide you with daily entertainment similarly to following daily stock prices except you don't own any stocks.
What you do is you check in daily with alexa ranking of a certain site (ideally a site that you own) that started somewhere at the bottom in the multi millions rank.
As you check in daily and notice how many spots your site has moved up/down, you take notes and post it on your blog or a forum of the process over time.
For fun.
Like for example i own GIMP LEARN forum.
I check in daily at to notice it's ranking changes and post it to a thread on my forum at GIMP LEARN forum alexa ranking over time.
I take notes (screen shots) of the current ranking each day and note how many spots the site has moved up/down.
Luckily, so far it has only been moving up (about 5000 spots) a day.
Later in a future date, you can always check back at your logged rankings and see how it progressed/raced up the ranking over time.
I am thinking that when i have enough data, i might even graph out the numbers to visually see how the graph looks over time.
Hopefully, your site does great.
Good luck and enjoy being an Alexa ranking junkie.

Bottle Cap Tutorial in GIMP by Conbagui.

Conbagui, a loyal member of GIMP LEARN forum has contributed an amazing tutorial
that shows you how to create a stylish looking bottle cap in GIMP.

You can find tutorial here --> Bottle cap tutorial in GIMP by Conbagui
In the tutorial, you'll find thumbnail images which you can click on to view larger versions of screenshots of instructions.  Or you can scroll down to bottom half way of the first post to see large version of those same images (with instructions).

After successfully creating similar bottle caps, you can share your creation in the same thread by replying (after registering to our forum of course) so others can/might enjoy.  I am sure Conbagui (and others) would love to see your final product.