Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are you an artist? Wanna help us donate to World Vision without spending any money?

You're an artist!
Mostly likely you're poor and can't really afford to give to charities.
Share your artwork on our "The Arts forum(s)"
Your artwork doesn't have to be high-res when you submit with us.  It can just be low-res version and you can optionally post a link to where your artwork is being sold (online).
We will feature 30 latest posts with images on our forum(s) on the filmstrip so others can easily see latest works.
You don't have to spend a penny and will still help us donate to World Vision.
How it works is as you share you artwork(s) on our forum(s), it'll attract more viewers to our site.
And we make some money through ads shown to non-registered visitors.
With this ads money, we'll donate 50% (or more) to World Vision.
So, it's win, win.  You get to expose people to your work and indirectly help us donate to World Vision.
Thank you for reading.

Initial/Previous donations that we've made
We donate about about 1 cent per 37.4 Unique visitors