Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Are you cross stitcher? Do you use GIMP?

If you answered "YES" to both these questions then you're in a for a treat.
If you have an image (any image) that you'd like to generate a cross-stitch pattern for, you can get a plug-in/script for GIMP to generate cross-stitch pattern for you.
The plug-in can be found here: http://bakon.ca/gimplearn/generate-cross-stitch-pattern-and-dmc-thread-information-script-for-gimp-519

If you're a little more picky/choosy about your colors, you can use the manual method mentioned here: http://bakon.ca/gimplearn/generate-cross-stitch-pattern-and-manually-match-rgb-with-dmc-colors-scripts-for-gimp-520

With these plug-ins, and some basic knowledge in GIMP, you won't need any other programs to generate your cross-stitch patterns.

Also in GIMP, after you generate the cross-stitch pattern(s).  It's just one large image, you can quickly edit it to make it black and white or leave it as color.  Flatten the image and export as a .pdf, then you can use Acrobat Reader 11 (which is free) to print the image as poster (tiled scaling printing option) and you can have your pattern on paper to look at.

I hope you enjoy these plug-ins as much as me creating them in the hopes that it would help cross-stitchers who use GIMP and appreciate open source software.