Saturday, April 8, 2017

Have a website/blog? Wanna advertise it for free?

If you have a new website/blog and you want us to have banner ad to advertise it on our blog.

1. Simply design a horizontal banner (recommended size 820x80) for you website/blog.
2. Give us a link to your website/blog to link the banner ad to.
3. Write a short article about any topic for us to post on our blog (
4. Send an email to with the subject "Banner ad request".

That's it.  As soon as we receive your email, we'll review it and if it's okay we'll add it to our random rotation of banners (see top banner of our blog, that's where your banner will be) and notify you asap.

Our idea is to crowd source, so that even if your article isn't too interesting, but fellows banner ad requesters might come up with really interesting articles it'll help you too because your banner ad is also in our rotation.  And if you happen to write really interesting article, you'll help others with their banner ads as well.  So it's like a bunch of people's articles together help advertise each other's site.

We'll show rotation of banners at 2 locations on the web.
1) (shown to everyone)
2) any search result pages on such as (shown to non-members)

You can view our current rotation of banners in action here (just refresh the page once you're there to see different banner(s))-->

Or if you wanna see all banners we currently have (without hot linking), click here -->

Note: If/when we publish your article, we'll have a link to your site/blog and mentioning that you are a guest blogger too.  So if your article does really well on our blog you'll get extra exposure because of that link.  Along with an unlimited time banner that randomly shows up on our blog, it's a great exposure powered by crowd-sourcing.