Tuesday, May 30, 2017

GIMP LEARN FORUM now has most popular downloads page.

Most popular downloads page. http://gimplearn.net/pop_downloads.php
It'll default to show the top 100, but you can scroll down to bottom and click on "View All" link and it'll show all of them listed in decending popularity.

We also have Popular Topics/Images page as well as Unpopular Topics/Downloads/Images pages.
You can find links to these pages near on the top of pages while browsing our forum.

I think this page will be convenient for people to search using the Ctrl-F and type in keyword to search for.  It's more effective than searching forums.

Also, I hope that new users will find this page worthwhile and be like "hey yeah, these are popular downloads, maybe i'll try them" and open themselves up to the world of GIMP.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


To our new home at gimplearn.net
It's a lot faster at gimplearn.net.
No longer on bakon.ca/gimplearn.
Please update your bookmark.

Friday, May 19, 2017

We added Virtual Points/Cash System

Our forum: http://bakon.ca/gimplearn

We recently added the Ultimate Points extension on our forum.

Now members can earn virtual points called GL Points (GIMP LEARN Points or just GLP) by participating on the forum like regularly posting things)

Members can spend their points buying lottery tickets to win more points.

They can open a bank account and deposit/withdraw points to/from and the points in their bank earn them interest points every 7 days.

Also, if members are logged in and download files from other members, 10 points are taken from their account and added on to the download file's poster (contributor) to give the contributor some virtual wealth.

So there are ways to earn points and spend points.

It's all for fun.

Members can optionally donate points to other members (for example when they get the help/answer they wanted to their questions).

Files for download on the forum are still open to public (non-registered users) and members who have less than 10 points because we don't want to stop people from downloading files.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mario riding different animals.

Fan-art collages of Mario riding different animals

Mario riding unicorn
Photography Prints
Mario riding dolphin
Photography Prints
Mario riding elephant
Sell Art Online
Mario riding bearded dragon
Photography Prints
4 piece collection
Sell Art Online