Thursday, August 10, 2017

Philosophical Hypothesis for my Official Network Chant site.

Upon some hypotheses, beliefs, I came up with

Photons behave differently depending if we observe them or not (from the double slit experiment and modified version of the double slit experiment).  Therefore, I am leaning towards Ben Goertzel's view of that which each atom could have its own consciousness.

Positive/negative words/phrases/sentences have positive/negative effect on water molecules based on Dr. Emoto's water experiments.  So extending on that, I would make the assumption that words have effect on all matter (which might not be measurable all the time).

Some Buddhist temples leave an audio player playing Buddhist chants even when no one is present.  Their belief is that the chant will attract and convert friendly ghosts/spirits and plant seeds of enlightenment in their Alaya (eighth consciousness).  And keep evil ghosts/spirits away. So if we take this belief to heart, we can say that ghosts/spirits exist all around us.

This next one is my personal belief, is that if spirits/ghosts do exists, they must not be limited to brain power so they understand more than we do or at least as much as we alive humans do.

Next assumption is that any words/phrases/sentences (intentions) is understood by ghosts spirits.  Your intentions have an influence on nearby spirits/ghosts and vice versa, intentions of ghosts/spirits nearby you may influence your intentions.

Now with all these assumptions/hypothesis/beliefs in mind.  We can move on to

You simple write a message/chant to submit the site  The site will receive the message, writes it to database on server and keeps count of how many times that message has been received and returns a page that auto submits after 1 second again.   And the process repeats.

The hypothesis here is that like the Dr. Emoto's water experiment, the message has meaning and intention.  It is then sent back and forth between your computer and the site and the different intermediate internet hubs that it has to go through.  So any physical matter like water or ghost/spirits that are present along the route of data transfer can easily intercept the signals and makes sense of it, understand it and be influenced by the messages.

My bigger hypothesis here is that because ghosts and spirits can understand the messages, it's like planting seeds in their Alaya (eighth consciousness), they will have similar intentions and can influence people who are present nearby.

So the final hypothesis, is that something like crime rate would reduce where these internet routes are present.  That's my hope anyways.

Send out a chant of "Peace" for example and more ghosts/spirits and people will think of "Peace" near these internet connections/hubs.

To End this Post: I'll just shout out "World PEACE Everyone!"