Friday, October 27, 2017

An SEO experiment to see how high a short article can rank on Google

This is an SEO experiment to see how high a blog post can rank
if I write for an audience as well as trying to hit many keywords provided by google keyword planner.

First, I use Google Keyword Planner.
I type in a word for example for this experiment, I am gonna use "GIMP" because I'd like to post about "GIMP" the free open source program that I have a forum about and it's what I am interested in.

Then I see 1st page of Google Keyword planner giving me these words/phrases:
gimp 2
gimp photo editor
gimp windows
gimp photoshop
gimp 2.0
gnu image manipulation program
gimp image editor
gimp editor
gimp windows 10
gimp 3
gimp brushes
gimp free
open source photo editor
open source image editor
gimp download

I think it's pretty hard to hit all these words/phrases without sounding desperate or look like you're only trying to hit keywords and not writing for the audience.
My goal is trying to write for an audience while being able to hit many keywords.
So I start writing my simple article about GIMP What it is, What I use it for and Where to go to help/get help from

I bolded the keyword(s)/phrases that I think are good for targetting keywords but only for my own personal purpose to see what good keywords/phrases that I hit after I wrote the article.

I did use the keywords given from first page of keyword planner as a guide but still kept focus on what I can share to the audience that might be interested in finding out information about GIMP.

So by the end of bolding keywords/phrases I have this list that's in my article:
What is GIMP (the GIMP)?
GIMP, open source image/photo editor,
GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program,
GIMP, open source, free,
GIMP, download GIMP, free,
What Do I Use It For?
editing, scripts, download to use in GIMP,
GIMP, Windows, GIMP
plug-ins, GIMP, plug-ins/scripts,
Photoshop, photoshop, GIMP,
GIMP, photo enhancing,
GIMP, photo/image editing
Where To Go Help/Get Help?
try to help, get help

I think the list is pretty good for hitting keywords/phrases about GIMP.   And the article is still focuses on sharing information with the audience.

Now I submit the link of my article to Google submit url, and Bing submit url for the Google's and Bing's bots to crawl my page and see how it ranks.

This is only an experiment to see if this strategy works well for the audience as well as bots or not.
The real results come in when some one searches for "GIMP" or "What is GIMP?" and see if my article shows up somewhere high on the results page.