Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Lottery Methods/Strategies/Tools/Systems

I rarely play the lottery but my uncle plays them (all the time).

So I thought I would find interesting methods to play the lottery and automate the number generation process so people (including my uncle) can easily and quickly play without having to do manual calculations.

I have an index of the tools that
 I write in javascript here --> Lottery Methods/Strategies Tools Index

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rub Laughing Buddha's Belly for good luck!

If you're not around a Laughing Buddha's statue to rub for good luck,
you can use --> this digital version.
You can click on the image and the hand will change to a opened hand.
You can drag around and the opened hand will show like rubbing a real Buddha's Belly statue.
First Buddha

There are 3 buttons, each button will show a different buddha.
Select your favorite Buddha to rub, or rub all 3 Buddhas for Extra good luck!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

I started a new blog for fun

My cousin posts photos of her pet bearded dragon and most of the time says something along with the photo.

She's got over 20 photos in a facebook album.
So today is her dragon's 3rd birthday (hatchday).
So she posted.

Then I thought for fun I can create a blog dedicated to her pet dragon.
So I asked for her permission to do so.

I called the blog Codrablo which stands for "Cousin's Dragon's Blog".
Codrablo sounds neat, like a name of something.

You can check out the blog at

Did you know that you could drink corn juice?

Not sure what to call it,
but my uncle likes buying fresh corns on the cob then he boils them.

We'd eat the corn, then he'd save the water that the corns were boiled in and drinks it instead of water.

He thinks it's good for you.  I don't know how good it is but it tastes okay.

He'd pour it in empty juice containers and refrigerate it.

He would sometimes drink that instead of water all day.

Rushing Rapids of Canada

I guess my cousin feels very inspired by the Canadian rapids.

Artist quote:
"The rushing rapids of my beautiful Canada.

Acrylic on canvas, probably about 30 hours. I spent a week and a half painting this. It's huge, about 20 x 30in. The water took a long time. I effectively turned a precision brush into a blending brush. But it was worth it~

Rushing Rapids of Canada
 You should check out her facebook page to see other works.

Shaolin monk Masterpiece

A few years back, my cousin created this masterpiece.
I don't know/remember what she named it so I'll just call it "shaolin monk".
"Shaolin monk" masterpiece
She told me someone loved it so much (I can see why, it's very imaginative I think), he offered over US$1,000 just to have a large print of it.

Good for her.  She does other artworks too.
You should check her facebook page.

Should you start a forum or a blog?

I have started both. I had a blog (this one) 5 years before I had a forum.

What I have learned from started a forum is that once you have a few pieces of content and a few members, the content will naturally grow by itself as you tend to your forum and discuss about things.

More ideas/content get started on a forum because you have more than just your own brain to start topics, you have members contributing which helps a lot in growing your content.

I had a blog 5 years before I started a forum, but it wasn't really a real blog that had interesting articles to read. I just added computer science words definitions for Vietnamese. It turned out no one was interested in searching for these definitions in Vietnamese so it didn't get many views.

When I started writing random short articles on random topics it got more views (not much more) but more. But when I started a forum, I found that as soon as I got some initial members after adding some decent content to attract members in the first place, the forum quickly grew and had way more views than my blog.

 The rate of growth in content on my forum ( is vastly larger than this blog (11 million views in about 2 years on the forum verses under 200 thousand views in 7 years on this blog).

I guess I am not very good at blogging since blogging requires you to pick your own topic to write about and I am not good at that. Ninety-nine percent of the time I don't know what to start writing about on my blog and so I end up just blogging short pieces about nothing useful or people would search for. But with a forum, I can discuss about different topics about a major subject that the forum is about.

Also with a forum, you sometimes get ideas for your blog.  Like this blog wouldn't exist if I didn't have a forum.

So If you're deciding on whether you should start a forum or a blog.  I would say if you're self-motivated and ideas come to you all the time on various topics, then you should start a blog (starting a blog is free with since you won't run out of resources to start blog posts. If you're like me and unsure what to write about, pick a subject that you have some experience in like (me writing scripts in GIMP) then you should start a forum (starting a forum will cost you some money to host it [I pay about $232/year]).

However, I enjoy having both a forum and a blog no matter how unsuccessful they are.  I would suggest starting both.  Each gives you a different environment and feel for the online world.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Google makes an insane amount of money from ads

From searching on the internet for "How much does google make in ads per day", I found out that Google makes about $121 million per day from ads.

That's an insane amount of money!

That's about 12 minutes (11.9 minutes) per million.

What that means in every day life?

  • In the time it takes for you to listen to 3 or 4 songs, Google makes another million.
  • That means you go take a shower, and you come out, Google just made another million.
  • Go watch a 2-hr long movie, and Google makes 10 million more.
  • Go for bike 1-hr long bike ride and Google makes 5 more million.
  • Attend a 40-minute long mass at the church and Google makes another 4 million.
  • Go to bed for 8 hrs, and Google makes another 40 million.
  • Spend 2 minutes to brush your teeth, and Google makes another $168,000.
  • Take a 5 minute bathroom break, and Google makes $420,000.
  • Take 3 seconds to browse a web-page, and Google makes $4,200.
  • Go for a 30-minute walk, and Google makes another 2.5 million.
On that note, "Hey Google, can I borrow you for a couple of songs? hehe"



Why the Internet is great for earning money well into the future!

I used to work at a local Hardware Store where I made $6.50/hour then later got a $0.25 raise and made $6.75/hr.

Then today I just realized that all those hours worked there are no longer making me any money today.

If let's say for example that blogging existed then, and I spent that time writing about things (provided they were good content), I'd have a decent blog today that would continue to make me money (through Google ads) well into the future.

Think about it! If you for example, you had one good blog post (that was relevant to all times) that made you $0.25/month, after 10 years, that blog post would've made you $30 and will continue to make you money into the future.

Generations after generations will continue to find your blog post and ads will continue to make you money.

That's if you had one good blog post.  If you had 1000 good blog posts, you'd be $30,000 richer after 10 years.

But if you're not talented at blogging (adding content to the internet) like me.  You can do it as a side hobby, and still work at the local hardware store.

The internet provided this opportunity!  Where content doesn't die of after they're written.  They stick around right into the future.

If anything, if you work at the local hardware store, you'd be more likely to write better blogs as a hobby because you have more things going on in your life so you'd have more to write about.

I think it's a great bonus source of income (if not their main source of income).

Also once you have a bunch of good posts, you can link them (if they're related) and make them worth more together than if they're just by themselves.

So with that, Thank you internet for this opportunity no matter how small!

Miliionaire's quote got my attention!

Just today, one of my friends on facebook shared this post/quote.

"If you can make one dollar, You can make a million more."
It made me think a little...  Okay, maybe more than a little.

Mostly because in the previous month, I made $8.81 in Google Adsense on my forum (  The month before that I made $6.16, and the month before that I made $5.11.  So, it's steadily going up so that's good.

Back to this quote though, it doesn't quite apply to my forum since if i made $8.81 on the forum to make $1,000,000. I would need to run over 100,000 forums if I want to make a million dollars. That just isn't possible.

Or if I wait on time, if it takes days to make $1.00 it'll take thousands of years to make a million.

However, I think the quote is encouraging in the sense that if you are able to make $1.00, you can repeat the process to earn more.  In addition to that each dollar will be easier since you learn/gain skills and more financially able.
That's to say that it will be easier to get to 1 million if you already have $999,999
than it is to get from zero dollars to $1.00.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Chùa Hải Triều Âm (Temple) Victoria BC play "Nam Mo A Di Da Phat" chanting 24/7

My uncle, my mom and I visited this local Vietnamese Buddhist temple
a few times.

Temple viewed from the front/street (credit: Google Street View)

It's located at 4207 Carey Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 4G8 (Canada).
On Google it's labeled as Chùa Pháp Hoa (Phap Hoa Temple), but my mom told me it was called Chùa Hải Triều Âm (Hai Trieu Am Temple) and she learned that from her friends so I guess it's also known as that namẹ  I wonder if they opened as Phap Hoa Temple at some point and then later changed their name to Hai Trieu Am Temple.

Anyways, this caused a bit of trouble trying to search for Hai Trieu Am Temple on Google, then I had to manually locate the location to find out its label (Chua Phap Hoa).

I have only been inside at the basement (lower floor).  I never attended the praying.  My uncle a few times would lead the group to pray.

Generally, people (about 10 or so) would show up there at about 11:00am on Sundays (most Sundays, sometimes when there's a big event, I guess people would go to other larger temple(s) and no one would show up there).

My mom has been inside and she told me that when there's no one there, they play a CD/Stereo of "Nam Mo A Di Da Phat" chanting repeatedly 24/7.

I thought that would be cool, like if I lived alone or if people who lived with me didn't mind having a Stereo play repeatedly of the chant I would probably play this chant

I saw some Pureland Buddhist Youtube video that said that where there's "Nam Mo A Di Da Phat" chanting, there's a 40-mile radius that evil spirits would stay away from.

Another Youtube video mentioned that in China, where people often drown like by the river, they would put up a sign and on it written the chant of Amida Buddha in Chinese and then people wouldn't drown there anymore.

So according the Pureland Buddhism, the Amida Buddha chant is very powerful chant.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Pendulums are the best for Yes and No answers.

I would like to share a facebook group with you.
This group is great for everyone, pendulums users and answer seekers.
I don't personally use the pendulum myself or own one.
But my friend Marcie created the group for entertainment purpose.
I sometimes as questions that I'd like to get a "Yes" or a "No" to, and it's a great group.
Anyone can just post a question and any of the pendulum owners/users willl use their pendulum and reply you with an answer.
What's interesting is that most of the time multiple pendulum users would post the same answer.
So head to that group and join us.

Monday, August 6, 2018

How to get Google to indexing in your site/blog within a day or two

How to get Google to crawl your site and index it quickly.

There used to be a thing where you submit your site and Google would crawl your site.
But I couldn't find that anymore.
So now I just go to
Choose a property, if it's not there add it.
Then choose Fetch or Fetch and Render.
I chose Fetch and Render.
Then after it's done there'll be a button that says Request Indexing or something similar.
Just click on that.
I did that yesterday and today my blog is indexed by google.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Music for everyone, especially the elders.

I remember seeing on the news, they mentioned that music of the elder's early years helped with Alzheimer and Dementia.

It must reminds people of being young in their youth and trigger some old memories which helps make the brain more active, which make sense.

So with that in mind, I want to create music playlists which can be played in random order of all the years into the past.

(On August 2) I only have a couple of years (1950, 1951) playlists right now but I plan to add more years (as many as I can) on to my blog that is dedicated to having music playlists at

The idea is if you have a parent, grandparent, or relative who's older and you can just simply select a playlist of their early years (maybe when they were in their teens, 20's or 30's) and play that year(s) randomly to help remind them of their early years and help keep their brain active.

Or maybe someone who works in a senior home, they can just play it for their elder patients/clients.

So with that thought I'll end my post here and get back to creating more playlists for other years.

Friday, July 27, 2018

GIMP Export Palette as HTML Table Script/Plug-in

 I wanted the ability to Export a color palette (in GIMP) as HTML table so that it can be easily shared on web-pages.
So I wrote this Export-Palette-as-HTML-Table Script/Plug-in

So now users can easily use it to display palettes on their web-pages like this one palette for example:


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sharing your color palette with others in GIMP

Let's say you're a pixel artist.

And you work with GIMP and color palettes a lot.

And you want to be able to share you palette with others.

GIMP has the ability to export a color palette in various formats including CSS stylesheet, Java map, PHP dictionary, Python dictionary, or Text file.

But there currently isn't a way to import the palettes exported using the above mentioned file formats.

This is where Import Palette from File Plug-in/Script comes in. It allows you to easily import any of these file formats into a new GIMP color palette.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Vietnam GDP since 1980-2017 and prediction in the next 20 years

Vietnam GDP (1980-2017) and prediction into the future (next 20 years)
Click to see large image

 The above graph was predicted using Machine Learning Polynomial Regression Model using below data.

The following data found on

 Data below (Vietnam GDP from 1980-2017):
Year, GDP_in_current_prices_USD_billions

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Music playlists blog

I created a blog dedicated to play-lists for songs.
I have just 3 play-lists right now.

Hopefully, it'll grow over time as I collect more play-lists.

I called the blog PlayThemSongs located at:
Each blog post will be a single playlist.

That has a link to play them songs randomly and followed by a list of songs in that playlist (in no particular order).

People can quickly browse the list to see songs they recognize (or not) and decide to listen to the playlist.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Best SEO method

What I personally think is the best SEO method: Ignore SEO methods, focus on real user experience.

Google advances in Machine learning will improve over time so their crawlers will become smarter and will become closer and closer to human-level intelligence.
Whatever SEO that works right now if it's goal is not to improve real user-experience will fail because of changes in future.
The only thing is guaranteed to get you real benefit is the actual content of your website.
If the content is good, people will surely link to your content over time.
So good content that improves user-experience will float to the top on search result.
If you apply SEO methods that might work now, but doesn't improve real users experience: That same SEO method will fail in future as Google gets smarter.

So the best investment you can do for yourself is to focus on the real user's experience.

Think about it, if you content is good it'll stay there online for generations to come.  One wave after another.  Different people of different age groups will eventually find your content if it is great and if it is indeed what they are looking for, it'll get found and rediscovered again and again.

I have my own proof from experience with my own blog.  Many things on my blog are random and so don't do well with Google because it isn't what people are looking for but I blog anyways.  But once in a while, I have something that people are looking for example: if you search for "Polygon Art in GIMP" one of my blog post returns on the first page of results.  This has stayed consistent over time.  Because in that post I describe exactly what it is to create Polygon Art in GIMP.  People who search for those terms are looking for what I had to share in that post so it works.  I assume this will stay that way in the future because I didn't apply any SEO. All I wanted to do was share my way of doing things and it works and people can apply it.

Cheers. Good luck with your online-success.

How to generate cross-stitch patterns for free

This is a proven method to generate your own cross-stitch pattern to use for your cross-stitching projects.

I use a program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is free.
Then I wrote a script for to generate cross-stitch pattern from any image.
 Of course, this script is also free.

For my cross-stitch project I decided to try out making the GIMP logo in cross-stitching.

So I generated the cross-stitch pattern, and used the DMC thread information to order my threads from ...
And here is my result (with pictures showing progress over time):

All you have to do is download the script put it in the right folder for GIMP and open up any image in GIMP and run script.
The script will create 2 new images, 1 is the cross-stitch pattern, the other is DMC thread information (which you could use to buy/select your threads to use).
That's it.
More information about the script here --> Generate Cross-stitch pattern script
Don't forget to share this script with your fellow poor cross-stitching friend(s).

Sunday, June 24, 2018

How much is a topic worth on a forum.

on, I have added queries to roughly estimate how much a topic is worth (its networth).
The networth is calculated based on the sum of the worth of the individual posts in the topic.
And the worth of each posts is calculated based on how much the post costs (based on price paid for hosting) and how much the site's current estimated worth.
This gives us a rough idea of how much a topic is worth on the forum.
It's fun to know because then you can see relatively how much a topic is worth in dollar amount and we all know dollar amounts is always fun to look at.

For example this topic on, you can click on it and on the title of that topic you can click on Networth to see how much that topic is worth.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lợi ích của cây Thân Yêu (Lovage plant benefits).

Mẹ tôi có bà bạn đi chung nhà thờ. Bà ấy 94 tuổi rồi mà mẹ tôi nói bà ấy đi bộ rất là khỏe khoắn con hơn thanh niên nữa.
Bà ấy đã uống trà cây Thân Yêu (Lovage plant) từ hồi còn trẻ.
Cho nên bà ấy cho mẹ tôi một cây nhỏ để trồng. Năm ngoái thấy nó không lên nổi tưởng đâu nó chết mất rồi. Ai ngờ năm nó lên lại và rất là mạnh và chóng lớn.
Cậu tôi và tôi thấy cây đó lớn mà không biết là cây gì, hỏi mẹ tôi thì mới biết tới cây này.

Phỏng theo trang này, thì cây Thân Yêu (Lovage plant) rất có nhiều điều tốt.
Nó có chất calcium tốt cho xương. Giúp đỡ đau nhức. Tốt cho da, và ruột.  Mẹ tôi thiếu chất Potassium, thì cây này cũng có cao chất Potassium.

Còn trang này thì nói 10 điều bổ ích của cây này:
1) Phòng ngừa sạn thận
2) Làm tan đờm ở phổi làm cho dể thở hơn
3) Làm dảm nhẹ khắp người
4) Làm cho da tốt
5) Chống lại cái vi trùng xấu
6) Dể tiêu hóa và không bị no hơi
7) Làm các khớp dể chịu và dảm đau nhức ở các khớp mà lại không bị các tác dụng phụ xấu
8) Làm dảm triệu chứng dị ứng va các thứ mà thường kích thích cho da
9) Tốt cho đường kinh dảm đi những sự khó chịu
10) Dùng được cho nấu ăn thay thế rau Cần Tây (celery)

Cho nên vì vậy mà gia đình tôi tìm mua mười mấy cây để trồng thêm chung quanh nhà.
Nếu địa phương của bạn không có bán cây này bạn có thể mua hạt từ để gieo lấy giống.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Net-worth of topics and sub-forums

On now,
we have links to see net-worth of topics and sub-forums.

While viewing a topic, or a sub-forum, after the topic title or sub-forum name, you'll see the link "Networth" following "Showcase|Slideshow|". If you click on that you'll see an estimated net-worth of that topic (or sub-forum).

If the sub-forum you're viewing has children sub-forums, it'll show net-worth amount that is the sum of all the children sub-forums networth.

Example pages that show net-worth of topic or sub-forum:
net-worth of topic: MY SIMPLE ART
net-worth of sub-forum: GIMPED
net-worth of sub-forum: The Arts (which has children sub-forums)

So now members can get a rough estimate of how much each topic/sub-forum is worth (in addition to their own net-worth).

Numbers are calculated based on the value of the site ( calculated by worth of the web calculator and actual price paid for hosting the site.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Member's average net-worth on a forum

On forum
I have introduced different method of calculations (4 methods to be exact).
One is based on the number and timing and occurrences of member's posts.
One is based on GL Points a member has (which can be transferred/donated by other members when they think that member provided value of something or gained by GL downloads[downloads by logged in members]).
One is based on Image Attachments that member has.
One is based on Non-Image Attachments.
So because a member could have a high net-worth in one method of calculation and a low net-worth in another method of calculation.
I thought it would make sense to show an average net-worth (which is just the average of the above 4 methods).
You can view this average net-worth of a member (at very bottom, in blue color) of a member's individual net-worth page (by clicking on any member's username on

GIMP Script Requests

It's true.
At GIMP Scripts Requests, you can get GIMP scripts written for free.
Just describe the process in detailed steps for us, and we'll write script for you.
Automate your manual processes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A fun feature added to my forum (member's networth)

on now, you can view member's networth (simulated) here:
You can then click on any member's name to see detailed calculation of their networth (There's more than one networth measurement, based on their posts, their points (GLPoints) or their image attachments to measure their contribution to

Also below each post (in a topic), there's indication of post's cost and post's market value.

The post's cost and market value can only be a fraction of each day's cost of hosting and each day's cost of price listed for domain name (eventhough we're now, if you google, will show up on top search result).

So there you have it it's a fun way to measure member's worth on our forum.
It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Light of Buddha.

I read a post shared by a Buddhist page on facebook today about Buddha's light.
It can not be seen by our naked eyes.
You must achieve some form of enlightenment to be able to see Buddha's light.
Buddha's light does not travel like regular light.
Regular light takes years, hundreds or thousands of years or more to travel in space while Buddha's light is instantaneously filled throughout all corners of universe.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

So I just signed up for bitcoin wallet today

Lately, I have heard about bitcoins on the news, see ads for it on facebook.
So, I suckered into searching for "How to earn bitcoins"
I searched for "How to earn bitcoins" and found Earn bitcoins in 8 different ways.
That's a lot of ways to earn bitcoins but most seemed unattractive to me except for the

Seemed like something I want to do on my spare time like doing small tasks and get paid with bitcoins for the tasks that i perform.

So next, I went to Sign up for a bitcoin wallet (blockchain wallet).
I successfully created my bitcoin wallet with 0.000 bitcoin.

I then went back to registered and entered my address (found in Copy and Share address found when clicked on Request when viewing my bitcoin wallet).

Then I clicked on do tasks on  Sadly, to my disappointment there were no available tasks to do.

If it did work, it would be great.  I imagined it would be like amazon's mechanical turk where you make pennies as you perform tasks that required some human intelligence which are extremely hard for computers to do while quite simple for human to do.  That's what I was hoping for since Amazon's mechanical Turk only accepts U.S. workers and I am Canadian. would be a great framework for the rest of world to do tasks like Amazon Mechanical Turk.

I guess I'll check back on once in a while to see if any tasks are available for me to do since I have a blockchain wallet now.  But that could be a while (Crossing my finger).

Sunday, March 11, 2018

I have been a fan of Saka Truong Tuyen for a while now.

She sings Vietnamese country music but I like her dance songs.
This is one of my favorites that's on my playlist.
It's great to play as background music with a beat for when I am spending time playing with image manipulation in GIMP, writing scripts or hanging out on my forum (

Here's another one by her (that's not so dance-like), but more sad.

I've just became fan of Son Tung M-TP

I've just became fan of Son Tung M-TP, a young Vietnamese singer.
What's great he writes/composes his own songs.
It's refreshing to see/hear.

I find his songs great for my playlist for when I am playing on the computer.

This is one of many favorites, "Chac Ai Do Se Ve!" (Maybe She Will Return) Where he dreams/waits for his love to return.  He misses all things about her.  It's a sad tune but really good I find.


I suggest you give his songs a try.  Soon, you'll fall in love with his songs too.

Another one that's great in vocal is "Am Tham Ben Em" (Quietly by your side).

Give it a try. If you like these songs, you can look up his name "Son Tung MTP" on youtube for more songs.

Hopefully he comes out with more songs.  Can't wait to hear/see more from him in the coming years.

Silly dressed up cat

I thought these pics of dressed up cat was so silly.
My cousin shared them on facebook.
Here are the pics:
Cat in Chinese Costume
Cat in Asian Rich costume

Cat in Thug costume
I thought I would make it even more fun by putting them on matching theme backgrounds.
Here are my edited versions:
Cat over seeing asian field workers

Cat featuring in Asian Music Video (Son Tung MTP - Lac Troi) with matching colors (red)

Cat appearing in Music Video with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog
 I hope you enjoyed my edits and got a google giggle out it.
Thanks for visiting.


My cousin's WIP of Wakanda

I didn't even know what Wakanda was but judging from my cousin's work-in-progress (WIP) I think it's some sort of city.
So I Googled for "Wakanda" and saw that it's related to the movie "Black Panther".  Now I have seen trailers of Black Panther on the news here and there but had no clue that the city or setting was called Wakanda.
Anyways, I thought I would share her WIP here.
Cousin's "Wakanda" wip
I love the lines and shading and solid black areas.  I think this piece will be great when it's finished (actually it already feels great so far).

You might want to visit my cousin's Solfegge facebook page where she has her other works available to view and to order prints from (Just contact her for prints).

Google Auto Ads - I hope I can trust it

With Google new release of Auto Ads:

All you have to do is paste a piece of code (Google Adsense -> My Ads -> Auto Ads -> Set Up Auto Ads) to the piece of code to paste into any page you want to automatically show ads. (They say you're supposed to put in the <head> tags of your html but I think it works no matter where you put it).

I think it's much simpler than previously, since now you don't have to decide where the ads will go. You include on the page and Google's AI will decide where to put on your page.  I have observed that it's showing more ads, way more than Google's recommended number of ads shown on one page previously.

Comparing Google's Auto Ads to Ezoic (a company that also claims they use AI to optimize your ads): With Ezoic, you have to predefine where a possible ad might show so you end up defining a bunch of place holders and Ezoic then decides where to show ads.  Google's AI is better in that sense that you don't have to define where the ads go on your page, it does all that for you.

After about a week of showing Google's auto-ads on my forum (, I got a violation report complaining about me showing ads on login/register page.  This makes sense because login/register pages shouldn't show ads anyways.  My site did that because I just tossed Google's Auto-ads code into my overall header page which shows on every page.  After I got the violation I added code to exclude google ads code on login/register page.  I am a little impressed by the fact that Google was able to report register/login pages as having none or not enough content to show ads.  Maybe their AI is hard at work which is what I hope.

So far, what I have found is Google auto-Ads is show more ads, so I get a lot more impressions. Hopefully, with these data, Google's AI will improve and optimize over time to show effective ads and get more clicks instead of just showing more ads.  I hope that this is just in the beginning where the AI has no data yet so it showing ads to learn where ads are most effective depending on where the user clicks or how long an impression is viewed (if that info is available to them).

What do you think about Google Auto-Ads? Do you think you'll try it on your site/blog (oh for [this blog], I just pasted Google Auto-Ads code into an HTML/Javascript widget in Layout -> Add a Gadget -> HTML/Javascript).

If you've been using Google Auto-Ads already, what do you like about it so far? anything interesting? like more does it generate more/less revenue than your own hand-crafted ad placements (previously before Google-Ads? Please, feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Custom Birthday Card

"May You Age Like Old Good Wine!" birthday card preview
You can use print out this custom designed (birthday) card on 8.5" x 11", cut along dotted lines and fold.
You can download this card --> from

Design your own card in GIMP

It could be a holiday, anniversary, birthday or special occasion.
Create your own custom card in GIMP using this premade-template.
Card Template Preview
You can download this GIMP (.xcf file) template --> from

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chanting for dead relatives.

I listened to this monk on youtube named Tinh Khong.  I think he's very well-known in Taiwan.
He said that when you chant "Namo Amitabha" (Amida Buddha) for your relatives who have passed the instant you decide to chant for them.  They get merits already.  They might stuck in the 3 lower paths (Hell, Hungry Ghosts, Animals) our of the 6 paths of reincarnation.
They will rebirth in higher paths such as human, divas, or heaven.
If you achieve single minded chant for them.  They'll never return to the 3 lower paths.
So, it's great merits to chant for dead relatives.
He said that not only the relatives that you remember and know of benefit but even the ones you didn't know or don't remember of also benefit.
He says after dying if they end up being born in lower 3 paths, the only thing they long for is someone of younger generation to chant for them.  It's a quicker way for them to get out of the lower realms.
This encourages me to chant more because it's not just me that needs good seeds planted.
Chant on... :D

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How my uncle wins the lottery over this last week.

He bought about 8 tickets or so but 3 of which won $20/each (so $60 in total).
He says that he'll play using this method from now on...
Previously he either bought quickpick or chooses numbers himself.
But this last week, he combined the two methods (a hybrid way) by using quickpick programs i wrote in Codeskulptor for 649 and LottoMax (in Canada).
He keeps spinning (in the program each time you spin, you get new quickpick random numbers), until he sees a set of numbers he likes (feels good about) and he writes them down.
Based on this past week I'd say this method seems luckier than other methods.
Here are the programs in CodeSkulptor if you like to them for yourself:
Lottery 6/49 Generator
Lottomax Generator
Also if you live in Vietnam you might be interested in playing using the above method with this program:
Ma Tran Lottery 6/45

Digital Collage of the same piece in GIMP

Let's say you have a picture and you want it to look like it's made up of pieces of paper (rips).
But not from different magazines, but from the same image you just want it to look like it's different tears (rips) of different tones.
And you wanted to do this digitally.

This what I thought about for a while and have came up with the following logic in order to do a script to help me achieve this kind of digital collage work.

First I wanted do make a simple selection on an image.  Then have a script to alter the selection so that it's rough (in a random way) so that it looks like the tear of a piece of paper.  Then I wanted to apply the same logic again so that some parts of edges will be shown as white like the color of the inside of paper.

Then I wanted to copy from a source image and randomly change it's hue/lightness/saturation so that it looks like it's a different tone from original (to make it stand out differently to show that it's a different piece of paper).

Then I also wanted to offset this tear/rip from the original image so that it looks like it's glued on not in exact location but a little randomly offsetted.
I also wanted to drop a shadow to make the piece stands out even a little more.

Well, I did all that in a script.

All you have to do is make a selection (in the general shape that you'd like to see the rip/tear looks like) and then run the script.
You could end up with something like this:
Script is available here --> Hue Random Rip for Digital Collage of same piece