Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Digital Collage of the same piece in GIMP

Let's say you have a picture and you want it to look like it's made up of pieces of paper (rips).
But not from different magazines, but from the same image you just want it to look like it's different tears (rips) of different tones.
And you wanted to do this digitally.

This what I thought about for a while and have came up with the following logic in order to do a script to help me achieve this kind of digital collage work.

First I wanted do make a simple selection on an image.  Then have a script to alter the selection so that it's rough (in a random way) so that it looks like the tear of a piece of paper.  Then I wanted to apply the same logic again so that some parts of edges will be shown as white like the color of the inside of paper.

Then I wanted to copy from a source image and randomly change it's hue/lightness/saturation so that it looks like it's a different tone from original (to make it stand out differently to show that it's a different piece of paper).

Then I also wanted to offset this tear/rip from the original image so that it looks like it's glued on not in exact location but a little randomly offsetted.
I also wanted to drop a shadow to make the piece stands out even a little more.

Well, I did all that in a script.

All you have to do is make a selection (in the general shape that you'd like to see the rip/tear looks like) and then run the script.
You could end up with something like this:
Script is available here --> Hue Random Rip for Digital Collage of same piece