Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How my uncle wins the lottery over this last week.

He bought about 8 tickets or so but 3 of which won $20/each (so $60 in total).
He says that he'll play using this method from now on...
Previously he either bought quickpick or chooses numbers himself.
But this last week, he combined the two methods (a hybrid way) by using quickpick programs i wrote in Codeskulptor for 649 and LottoMax (in Canada).
He keeps spinning (in the program each time you spin, you get new quickpick random numbers), until he sees a set of numbers he likes (feels good about) and he writes them down.
Based on this past week I'd say this method seems luckier than other methods.
Here are the programs in CodeSkulptor if you like to them for yourself:
Lottery 6/49 Generator
Lottomax Generator
Also if you live in Vietnam you might be interested in playing using the above method with this program:
Ma Tran Lottery 6/45