Friday, August 10, 2018

Why the Internet is great for earning money well into the future!

I used to work at a local Hardware Store where I made $6.50/hour then later got a $0.25 raise and made $6.75/hr.

Then today I just realized that all those hours worked there are no longer making me any money today.

If let's say for example that blogging existed then, and I spent that time writing about things (provided they were good content), I'd have a decent blog today that would continue to make me money (through Google ads) well into the future.

Think about it! If you for example, you had one good blog post (that was relevant to all times) that made you $0.25/month, after 10 years, that blog post would've made you $30 and will continue to make you money into the future.

Generations after generations will continue to find your blog post and ads will continue to make you money.

That's if you had one good blog post.  If you had 1000 good blog posts, you'd be $30,000 richer after 10 years.

But if you're not talented at blogging (adding content to the internet) like me.  You can do it as a side hobby, and still work at the local hardware store.

The internet provided this opportunity!  Where content doesn't die of after they're written.  They stick around right into the future.

If anything, if you work at the local hardware store, you'd be more likely to write better blogs as a hobby because you have more things going on in your life so you'd have more to write about.

I think it's a great bonus source of income (if not their main source of income).

Also once you have a bunch of good posts, you can link them (if they're related) and make them worth more together than if they're just by themselves.

So with that, Thank you internet for this opportunity no matter how small!