Saturday, October 24, 2020

Free Live Backlinks check using Google

There are many sites that you can enter your site url and then they list backlinks to your site.

Or maybe a limited list, and if you want to see more you'd have to pay.

I never could see myself affording to pay for backlink checks.

But today, I thought what if I just want to see a list of links that might link or mention my site.

So I googled around and found that you can exclude your own site (and if your site was let's say: "") from search results by using 

so if I wanted to see all references to, excluding my own site

I just have to google


and this will return all references to excluding results from

So, it is a backlink & references check that is 100% free provided by Google.

What's even better about this (I personally  think) is it can only return results that are already indexed by Google, so pages that link or reference you that aren't indexed are not returned.  That's good because I think if a page isn't indexed by Google, it's as good as offline one can get to it through searching.

However, there is a minor problem if you site has hyphens in it.

For example, one of my site is so when I put that in quotes Google silently ignores the hyphen (minus sign) because it is in quotes, if it wasn't in quotes Google probably try to exclude the word pattern or (I am not too sure on that).

But as a basic free method of looking up your own backlinks and references, it's great.  Even with my term, it still returned meaningful results, it just so happen to return as well.

Now you can hunt for sites that reference (talk about you) or link to you...and if related to your site's content, you can link back to them (to thank them for crediting or referencing your site or maybe because the content is related too.

So that's all I wanted to share in this post. I was super excited to share this information because for a long time I kept checking on sites that give a single page (about 10 backlinks) and then say I have to pay to see more... With this check many links that they give aren't even indexed by Google, so I don't really care about seeing those.

This works in addition to or without Google Search Console, because Google Search console will give you referrers meaning someone has been through that path to get to your site.  But this tells you who's talking/linking to you that are indexed without the need of them being a referrer (wtihout anyone visiting going through that path yet).

Hope you learned something today and as excited as I was to find this out.

Thanks for reading.


Friday, October 23, 2020

Share your NEW site with people who are keen on looking for new sites

A lot of times, people create a new site and try it on their social media, but their own friends aren't even interested in looking at the site.

Advertising costs money and as a new site, you don't have enough traffic to generate money to cover advertisement least not yet.

Some sites even try spamming on other sites to get noticed, and that's a bad route, it'll destroy your brand.

So I thought with all these new sites popping up every day, what if there was a way for them to share their new site with people that are specifically keen on looking new sites.

So if you have a new site, you simply instead of spamming othersites, you'd go to this place and share your site's link.  And people who are keen on new sites would check you out.

If your site is a hit, these people will naturally share them with their friends on their own.

A place dedicated for sharing new sites so that everyone knows that's what the place is for and so it's not spamming because it's made for that purpose....

Wouldn't that be great?

Your site doesn't have to be brand-new.  It can be older but not yet noticed or popular with the netizens.

Are you ready for this place that you can share and/or check out possibly the newest and could be the greatest site starting out?

Join our discord (dedicated for this purpose) to check sites out or to share your new site.  Users can also chat about new sites after checking them out live so it's like a live review to get some eyes on your new site.

That's it, I hope to see you in our discord and look forward to checking out your new site(s).

At first I don't expect too many people will join because with anything it'll start out quiet but after a while I would expect lots of people wanting to join.

I recommend that as you share your new site, to check out some other sites too.  If no one checks out shared sites then the discord will be useless and not serve its purpose.

Monday, October 19, 2020

How to gain big internet traffic from your blog posts

Today, I was thinking about how one can win big internet traffic from blog posts.

I looked up how many websites are created daily.

Guess what the number is/was?

547,200 sites are created daily.


547,200 sites are created daily.

That's more than half a million sites created daily worldwide.

That's a huge number.

There are just too much competition. I think at least for me.

How can I possibly compete with half a million sites.  Those are sites not webpages, the number of webpages is probably much greater.

So in order to have any post at all, I must try to write a blog post that is ever-green.  Meaning the content is not something trendy and never be out of date, always relevant.

Like this blog post, it could be ever-green.  The numbers might change later years, but the idea of the content behind it is the same for all times.

I look up how many babies are born daily.

385,000 babies are born worldwide daily.

If I could just get that number of users to read my blog it'd be a hit.

That's crazy that there are more sites created daily than there are babies being born.

but then again many sites will close down too because they're losing money (not successful).

GOOD THING this blog post is 100% free provided by Google's

So this blog can stay here forever into the future.

I think about ever-green content and since ever-green content never goes out of date, it doesn't have to be nearly as successful as trendy topics because it has all the time from now well into the future to earn hits.  Trendy topics might get lots of hits right now but will die down.

That's why I think ever-green content is worth so much more in the long run.  An ever-green content reduces increase pay/minutes of work rate because you're writing for generations and generations into the future.

So if you have a blog and or plan to create one, think of ever-green content first.  Of course if you can do trendy topics then there's no reason not to.  But if you're given a choice between ever-green content and trendy content....always choose the ever-green.

Just think you're writing for people that aren't even born yet, but sometime in the future they might come across your article and think "Wow, great read!" so that's a win.

Winning a bunch of little battles when added up equals winning one decent size battle.

Now I am just rambling on about nothing.  But it's true you gotta think with big numbers.  You could win lots of small battles over time.  It beats winning with a really trendy post that is only relevant for like 1 week or month or so then it's dead forever, all that you work you put into the post is gone.

Ever-green content is the way to go.  Definitely when the internet is here to stay.

Want some ideas for Evergreen content?

How about fiction? Just write fictional stories, they're not current events and stay around forever....don't do news. Plus you can't beat the actual news that have whole teams of writers and editors and they always have to stay up to date or they die.

And in closing, I wish you good luck with your blog or fictional sites or whatever that might be.

I hope you're convinced that green-content is the way to go for small-fishes like ourselves.

Thanks for reading. Cheers.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Welcome to this "GREAT" link building experiment

 This is a diagram of this link building experiment:

This post is blog 9 of 3rd level.

It's job is to simply link to Blog 3 of 2nd level.

Friday, May 1, 2020

The Lottery Forum's version of COVID-19 charts
Works in Chrome (Firefox is buggy).
You can view stats by country.
Compare 13 or so hand-picked countries numbers.
and view Active Cases within the last month for any country.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Another exciting way to play the Lottery.

Do you believe that winning the lottery requires you to be at the right place at the right time?
If you do then you’re gonna love this new method.

We turned the place (GPS coordinates) in and current time (down to the minute) into seed values to feed a random number generator.
Then we can lottery get numbers from that.
And so we have numbers derived from place and time.

Many people enjoyed seeing such a tool when I shared it to a Vietnamese Lottery Facebook Group.
They think it’s fabulous.

I think it’s a another unique way of playing.
Since you can pick any location (or your currently location),
and it’s to the minute so you have to be at the exact location and exact time (within the minute) to get same numbers.
The chance of you selecting a location and witin the same minute as someone else picking that same location is very unlikely.  So if You don’t have to worry too much about sharing the jackpot.
That’s the idea, anyways.

I have created pages (that simply run in your browser) that you can get numbers for a place and time for the following lotteries: American Powerball, American Mega Millions, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Canadian Lottery 6/49, Canadian LottoMax, Vietnamese Mega 6/45 and Vietnamese Power 6/55,
You can access these pages here -> Lottery Numbers from Place and Time